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With Just Over Three Weeks Until the Crucial 2022 Midterm Elections and the Fate of Our Democracy on the Line, “We decide. You will decide.”

"It now remains for us to determine whether [Jan. 6] was a tragedy, the beginning of the last act of the American experiment, or something else"


With just over three weeks until the crucial 2022 midterm elections, there’s a superb Twitter thread this morning by David Rothkopf, one that’s very much worth reading, which sums up what’s at stake.  Specifically:

  • “Donald Trump led a multi-pronged attack on the government he had been elected to lead in an effort to steal an election.”
  • “Trump sought to actively lead the insurrection, knew his supporters were armed, wanted to go with an armed mob to the capital and to block the certification of electoral ballots. He sought to pressure his Vice President to unilaterally reject ballots.”
  • “Since the attack, Trump has continued to promote his big lie (doing so as recently as in his reply late this week to the committee’s subpoena), to obstruct the investigation into his crimes and to be aided in this by his supporters, some of whom still hold gov’t jobs.”
  • ” It is the most extraordinary betrayal of public trust in US history, one of the most outrageous crimes ever perpetrated against the country and, what is more, the criminals behind it remain at large and an on-going threat.”
  • “The question of whether they will be stopped or whether they will ultimately succeed will be answered in part by whether the Department of Justice prosecutes Trump and his co-conspirators. But the primary responsibility for ultimately stopping them lies with…you.”
  • “American voters will either vote for or against supporters of the big lie, for or against those who would undermine our democracy. This Nov, in just a couple of weeks, we will learn whether Trump’s attack will gain momentum w/victories of his supporters in the House & Senate…whether they will be able to shutdown the 1/6 Comm, whether they will launch sham investigations of their own, whether the will be able to defund or obstruct the Department of Justice, whether enemies of free and fair elections will be elected at the state and local level.”
  • “Right now the race overall is too close to call. Every vote will matter. Whether you vote, enable & encourage those around you to vote, support and work for candidates will not only matter, it will write the next chapter in the narrative laid out so meticulously by the 1/6 Comm.”
  • “The narrative is not done. The men and women who betrayed our country so brazenly still have hope that they will ultimately triumph.”
  • And the bottom line: “We decide. You will decide. The 1/6 Committee has outlined a riveting story. It now remains for us to determine whether it was a tragedy, the beginning of the last act of the American experiment, or something else, demonstrating our resilience and commitment to our values.”


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