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Video: First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Sen. Tim Kaine Hold Day-Before-Election Rally for Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA10)

First Lady Biden: "What happens here tomorrow...will help decide the future of our country...So put voting first on your to-do list."


See below for video of the rally this morning in Ashburn, with Sen. Tim Kaine and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden for Rep. Jennifer Wexton. As First Lady Biden said:

  • “It really could come down to a handful of votes…this election is going to be won or lost by where *voting* falls on your to-do list.”
  • “What happens here tomorrow won’t just set the course for the future of Virginia , it will help decide the future of our country as well. And that’s why we’re all here today, to get out the vote!…So put voting first on your to-do list.”
  • In the past two years, “Joe and Tim and Jennifer have gotten so much done; they rescued us from the chaos of the pandemic…look at how far we’ve come…millions of jobs, and they’re working to bring down costs for families.”
  • “So right now, voters have a choice to make between two drastically different visions of our future. In one, we send Jennifer back to Congress to keep building on the progress we’ve made. And in the other, extremists are putting Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block. A Republican majority will attack women’s rights and affordable health care; they will once again give more tax cuts to large corporations  and the wealthy. That is just not fair!”

And as Sen. Tim Kaine said: Jennifer Wexton has been an “advocate for kids,” a “dynamic member of the Virginia General Assembly,” a “very passionate advocate…she will never stand by and let anyone be kicked around…She played a key role in getting the infrastructure bill…commonsense gun safety…the Inflation Reduction Act and the American Rescue Plan…a principled, commonsense servant with a great servant’s heart.”

And as Rep. Jennifer Wexton said: “The reason I’ve dedicated so much of my life to public service is because I believe that this is the way I can truly better the lives…of my constituents…and my community…We’ve made historic progress under President Biden, improving the lives of kids and families here in Virginia 10. I’m proud of our progress and you should be to…There’s a lot at stake in this election…defending our democracy or seeking to undermine it…I’ve always put the families of Virginia first and you know I’ll keep fighting to do just that.”


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