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Video: Former Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA05) Makes the Case for 2022 VA05 Democratic Nominee Josh Throneburg, Says “this is really about democracy versus right-wing extremism”

Throneburg is running against one of the nastiest, most extreme members of Congress, Bob Good (R).


Well said by former Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA05), campaigning for VA05 Democratic nominee Josh Throneburg. Also note that the current representative from VA05, Bob Good, is pretty much the antithesis of what any American should want in a representative, as he’s a far-right extremist, divisive, bigoted, ignorant, ineffective, and just plain nasty.  In stark contrast, Josh Throenburg is mainstream, a uniter, inclusive, smart, well-informed, and will be a highly effective representative for the people of Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. This is a really, really easy choice, assuming Republicans don’t just reflexively vote for literally anyone with an “R” after their name…

“Hey, I’m Tom Perriello, former Congressman, here with Josh Throneburg, who I just voted for. It’s so important that people get out to vote this year. This is not just a normal ‘D’ vs. ‘R’ kind of choice, this is really about democracy versus right-wing extremism. And it’s about decency versus people that are just mean and want to tear everything down. This is a man of faith who wants to go to Washington to represent all parts of this community and just try to make the American dream a little more affordable again. So this is a chance to just show in one of the birthplaces of American democracy that we are going to take a stand for our democratic institutions and processes and also for decent people to go up and serve, so I was really proud to vote for you.”


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