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Video: VA Sen. Amanda Chase (R) Says She’d “Absolutely” Back Trump Over Youngkin for President; Says Youngkin “irritated a lot of people” By “apologiz[ing] and send[ing] letters to Nancy Pelosi”

On Trump saying "Young Kin...sound Chinese," Chase mentions Carlyle Group, says Trump comment was "good fun and joking...wasn't meant to be derogatory"


In 2021, far-right/insurrectionist/COVID denier VA State Senator Amanda Chase (R) – after losing to Glenn Youngkin in the VA GOP nominating contest – morphed into a major ally and “surrogate” for Youngkin’s gubernatorial campaign. Now, though, she’s siding with Donald Trump over Youngkin after Trump said, in his usual racist manner, that “Young Kin” (as he spelled it) “sounds Chinese, doesn’t it?” See below for video of Chase talking to Channel 8 reporter Jackie Defusco yesterday, in which Chase said the following:

  • If there were a presidential primary between Trump and Youngkin, would chase support Trump? “Absolutely. So I support Gov. Youngkin as a governor of Virginia, and I’d actually encourage him to run for president some day, but not during a Trump presidency [sic]…We have four years of reprieve in Virginia…so fulfill your obligations to the constituents of Virginia and…to be the governor, and wait until after than and then run for president and I would support that. However, if President Trump runs for office, he has already proven himself…and he’s not going to apologize and send letters to Nancy Pelosi…that’s really irritated a lot of people, who want their leader in chief to be strong and not apologize for America.”
  • On Trump mocking Youngkin’s name as “sound[ing] Chinese” and that Youngkin “couldn’t have won…the governor’s race without him,” Chase said “I think that’s a true statement, I think that I love Gov. Youngkin, I think he’s done a great job for Virginia to this point, I’d like to see him on medical freedom…election integrity...I do understand the connections that Gov. Youngkin has had with the Carlyle Group and others and the World Economic Forum, and I think people remember that from the election…let’s take a look at how he does over the next four years [sic] as Virginia’s governor, and I think if he continues on the current path he’ll be successful.”
  • So, reporter Jackie Defusco followed up, “you don’t think it’s inappropriate to say his name sounds Chinese.” Chase: “Well, I think it was a joke, and people have to understand President Trump’s sense of humor and not take everything so seriously, so I think it was in good fun and joking, it wasn’t meant to be derogatory.”
  • On some Republicans blaming Trump for the supposed “red wave” going bust, Chase ranted about “fraud,” “voter boxes that have no chain of custody,” “election integrity,” “mail-in ballots,” how supposedly elections aren’t secure, blah blah blah. The usual insanity, in other words. But bottom line, in her view, “it’s not President Trump’s fault, it’s our lack of taking the 2020 presidential election catastrophe for what it is.”  Chase added, “I’m really tired of President Trump being used as a scapegoat for why people are losing…President Trump-backed candidates did well.”  Yes, she’s completely bonkers.


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