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In an Interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Youngkin Claimed God Told Him to Quit Carlyle and Run for Governor of VA; In Fact, He “Racked Up Bad Bets” and “Flamed Out”


So, according to Glenn Youngkin, “One day in my prayer life I actually heard something very different and it was, ‘I need you to leave Carlyle” and run for governor of Virginia (note: you can watch the video of Youngkin’s Christian Broadcasting Network – CBN – interview here). Or, as News on the Neck puts it, “The Lord led Glenn Youngkin into Virginia’s Executive mansion and continues to guide him in his role as governor.”

Of course, when it comes to Glenn Youngkin, you can pretty much assume that most if not all of what he says is an exaggeration, a distortion, delusional, an outright lie, or all of the above. In this case, what actually happened was – as Bloomberg reported in August 2021 –  Youngkin was pushed out of Carlyle after having “racked up bad bets.”

After Carlyle’s founders gave him a shot at co-running the firm in 2018, he flamed out. In an industry where leadership teams work together for decades, his co-CEO quickly established dominance, diminishing Youngkin’s clout…

He retired after a power struggle that left him in charge of more modest businesses. Current and former employees, asking not to be identified discussing internal business, describe a checkered record at odds with his campaign’s portrayal.

In the past decade, Youngkin was responsible for troubled forays into hedge funds and energy investments, they said. He also oversaw a push into infrastructure projects that dogged him, as a $2.2 billion fund for clients struggled to make deals.

So who are you going to believe: a) Glenn Youngkin claiming that the Lord told him to quit Carlyle and run for governor of Virginia; or b) reporting which found that Youngkin actually left Carlyle due to a “power struggle” (that he lost), the fact that he “flamed out” after heading up “a $2.2 billion fund for clients [that] struggled to make deals?”


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