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“His community knows him and needs him”

HD81 Democratic candidate Terrence Walker's "service vitals register off the charts"


by Lucy Hartman

I met Terrence Walker on the campaign trail in 2019. We worked together on the Democratic Coordinated campaign in Henrico, Virginia. We met at the peak of campaign season in August when emotions were high, and the stakes were even higher for our candidates. When I shook his hand, he looked me square in the eye and thanked me for my service with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia as a community organizer. He spoke to me as if he knew I had found my calling, just as he had: to be of service to his community.

Terrence Walker found his calling long before I did. He and his wife, Tracy, decided together that they would build their family on the foundation of service to others. He earned his bona fides in various positions, including as Vice Chair of the Henrico Democrats and as a member of the PTA – before and after his son was born. Terrence and Tracy were determined to give their son, Joseph, and other Black students the opportunities to succeed without the barriers to success that so often and unjustly impede students in their efforts.

For over 20 years, he has served as an administrator at University Counseling Services at VCU. He heard from students about what their needs were, and decided that it was time to not just listen, but to act. He founded the RamPantry as Coordinator in 2014, offering students food staples and various toiletries. His efforts were recognized by Governor McAuliffe for his exemplary service to the student community.

Terrence lost Tracy to cancer the year I met him. As his friend, watching him mourn this loss is crushing. As his colleague, I am speechless and in awe of how he honors her legacy. Terrence gives of his time, talent, and treasure to those who need him. He is uniquely qualified to become the next Delegate for District 81. His service vitals register off the charts. He says that the credit given to him – and the votes he will earn – is all due to Tracy.

She gave her family the miracle of more time with her, despite her prognosis, because she listened to her body and advocated for herself to medical professionals. He reminds me that to honor Tracy, he is called to internalize what he hears from his future constituents about what they are experiencing. He is called to be their advocate, just as Tracy was for herself and her family. Terrence is ready to be the advocate his community needs. I look forward to seeing my friend on the campaign trail. This run is for Tracy.

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