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Video: 100% Pro-Gun Del. Nick Freitas Cuts Off Del. Eileen Filler-Corn, Del. Candi King for (Accurately) Calling Out Gun Manufacturers and Their Lobbyists “who are clearly more focused on their own profits”

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before in the Virginia legislature?!?


Check out the following video from yesterday, in the Republican-controlled VA House Public Safety Subcommittee chaired by 100% pro-gun-industry, hard-right Del. Nick Freitas. As VAPLAN reports, “Things get hot…as [Del. Eileen Filler Corn] & then [Del. Candi Mundon King] speak truth to power about the insidious impact of the NRA and VCDL [Virginia Citizens Defense League] lobbyists on the gun laws in Virginia.” In response, “Chair Freitas gets nasty and angry and tries to silence them.” Here’s how it went:

  • Del. Eileen Filler-Corn explaining how microstamping “has worked…can work, it is a pro-law-enforcement bill; the only major opposition as you see is coming from the gun manufacturers and their lobbyists who are clearly more focused on their own profits…” [Note: this is an accurate statement]
  • Del. Nick Freitas: “Delegate, Delegate, Delegate, I’m going to stop you right there. I said this when we first started – by all means, argue passionately for what you believe, we’re not going to question the intentions of various people we’re discussing…” [Why not? And since when do committee chairs treat their fellow delegates like this?!?]
  • Del. Filler-Corn continues to accurately explain the benefits of her excellent, much-needed bill…
  • [Motion by a Republican delegate to lay the bill on the table, aka kill it]
  • Del. Candi Mundon King says “this is my first time on this committee, and I just want to thank [Del. Filler-Corn] for bringing such a revolutionary bill before us. I grew up in a community ravaged by gun violence and unsolved crimes. It stays with you, it stains communities, and you [Del. Filler-Corn] are absolutely correct, the only people who have an issue with this are people who are benefiting…”
  • Del. Freitas interrupts Del. King, talks over her, move to a vote on the bill. Del. King responds, with totally warranted exasperation (although she admirably keeps her cool – great job!): “Excuse me…Mr. Chair, I’m sorry, I’m new to this committee, is there a rule that I get cut off?”

By the way, see here for Del. Freitas’ 100% ratings from the NRA, VCDL and Gun Owners of America. In sharp contrast, Del. Filler-Corn and Del. King have fought for commonsense gun violence prevention measures to protect our communities from even more carnage. So there’s definitely no equivalence here, nor is there any justification for a committee (or subcommittee) chair to cut off other delegates simply for speaking the truth. So much for the supposed “Virginia Way” and all that…


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