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New Wason Center Poll: Virginia Voters Strongly Support Staying in RGGI; Support Recreational Marijuana Sales; Oppose More Restrictive Abortion Laws; Oppose Cutting VA’s Corporate Income Tax Rate

Also, by a 59%-29% margin, "Virginians prefer that the Governor not run for president"


A new poll by the Wason Center for Civic Leadership at Christopher Newport University has some interesting findings. See below for highlights:

  • “Virginia voters support recreational marijuana sales (60%) and allowing any interested localities to host casinos should their residents approve one in a referendum (55%).”
  • Virginia voters strongly support staying in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (66%) and support the Virginia Clean Economy Act (62% to 33%).
  • “Virginians would prefer to keep state abortion laws as is (43%) compared to 29% who would prefer less restrictive laws and 23% who want more restrictive laws on abortion.”
  • “A plurality of Virginia voters support lowering Virginia’s individual income tax rate (48% to 43%), but oppose a cut to Virginia’s corporate income tax rate (57% to 37%).”
  • “Virginia voters also show support for requiring parental approval for K12 students to be referred to by a different pronoun from their birth certificate (59% to 36%).”
  • “41% of Virginians Give Their Local Public Schools an “A” or “B” Grade; Only 13% Grade National Public Schools that High.”
  • “A plurality of Virginians think the Commonwealth is headed in the right direction (45% to 37%), while 50% approve of the job Governor Youngkin is doing. Still, Virginians prefer that the Governor not run for president (59% to 29%).”


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