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Youngkin Goes on Fox (Where Else?) and Spews “Wild Dishonesty” (What Else From Him?) About Virginia’s Jobs Recovery from the COVID Pandemic

"'I DID IT' says Youngkin, lying through his teeth"


As is his wont, Glenn Youngkin just went on Fox “news” yet again, this time on the relentlessly dishonest Trumpist Larry Kudlow’s show.  And, also true to Youngkin’s character (or lack thereof), he spewed out “wild dishonesty,” as Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA08)’s Deputy Chief of Staff Aaron Fritschner correctly put (see his tweets, below).  How so? As Fritschner explains:

  • “When he took office Virginia had the 16th lowest unemployment rate in the U.S. and had already recovered 79% of jobs lost in the pandemic. The statistic he’s trying to deceive people with here means VA lost fewer jobs, not that he did something well”
  • “The unemployment rate in Virginia hit 10.6% in April 2020. By the time Youngkin took office it was down to 3.3%. In the year since it has fallen slightly to 2.8%. ‘I DID IT’ says Youngkin, lying through his teeth”
  • “You can call it extreme cherry-picking if you’re being charitable. The point to me is that if he had actually gotten big things done he wouldn’t need to say stuff like this to keep his name in the presidential conversation. He hasn’t.

Note how Youngkin didn’t mention how Virginia is no longer ranked by CNBC as the best state to do business, after regaining that position in 2021…under Democratic leadership. Oh, and you’ve also gotta love how one minute, Youngkin claims Virginia’s a disaster because of Democratic policies, then the next minute claims that Virginia’s doing FANTASTIC under his amazing “leadership.” Which of course makes no sense, but that never stops the relentlessly dishonest Youngkin, such as:

  • when he infamously called extremist nutjob (and “Big Lie” promoter) Kari Lake “AWESOME” in October
  • when he falsely claimed “We won cities that no Republican had ever won”
  • when he falsely claimed “In Virginia, we actually do protect same-sex marriage” (in fact, there’s “a still-existing provision in Virginia’s constitution that prohibits same-sex marriage“)
  • when he “pants-on-fire” falsely claimed “Terry [McAuliffe] calls in his friend Joe Biden to actually put the DOJ on Virginia parents”
  • when he falsely claimed “We actually have this critical race theory moved into all of our schools in Virginia”
  • when he falsely claimed Democrats are “onto…taking the Pledge of Allegiance and the Fourth of July out of the curriculum”
  • when he engaged in climate change denialism (which should have, in and of itself, been automatically disqualifying for holding public office)
  • etc.

With that, here are Aaron Fritschner’s tweets on Youngkin’s “wild dishonesty” about Virginia’s economic/jobs record.


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