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Del. Rob Bell (R-Albemarle) Announces Retirement; Democratic Candidates Kellen Squire, Amy Laufer Comment


Today in the final day of the 2023 Virginia General Assembly regular session, so not surprisingly, we’re getting retirement announcements, emotional farewell speeches, tributes to colleagues, etc.  One of those retiring is Del. Rob Bell, a conservative/”tough-on-crime” Republican from Albemarle who has served in the House of Delegates since 2002, also running (unsuccessfully) for the Republican nomination for Attorney General in 2013.

Running to replace Bell in a district that is now much bluer, post-redistricting, are Democrats Kellen Squire and Amy Laufer., one of whom is almost certain to be succeed Del. Bell in the House of Delegates. See below for their statements, and may the best candidate win!

Laufer: “Despite our profound differences, anyone who puts themselves forward and serves their community is deserving of our respect. However, as we’ve progressed, it’s clear Del. Bell no longer represents our values and that we need new leadership.”

Squire: “I wish I could say I’m surprised. We’d heard that Delegate Bell was concerned about running for re-election in a district whose borders he didn’t personally draw.”


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