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Samantha Bee “Would love nothing more than to take [Youngkin] through my menstrual history in the most vivid detail”

VA Sen. Barbara Favola: "It's simple, this is personal information and nobody should have access to it but the woman herself"


Glenn Youngkin continues to get pounded and mocked – and for good reason! – over killing Sen. Barbara Favola (D-Arlington/Fairfax/Loudoun)’s “bill to keep menstrual data out of the hands of law enforcement and the government.” See below for more, including an interview with Sen. Favola, comedian Samantha Bee offering to take Gov. Youngkin “through my menstrual history in the most vivid detail,” etc.  And yes, what this latest debacle demonstrates – and as Youngkin does bizarre/extreme thing after bizarre/extreme thing – is how maddening it is that in 2021, literally anyone was fooled by his completely dishonest portrayal, in TV ads and to the gullible/stenographic media (like the WaPo’s “journalists”) that he was a “moderate” in any way/shape/form. Massive failure by the news media and, frankly, many voters on this one.


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