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As Recently as 2019/2020 Glenn Youngkin Was “Long-Term Bullish on China,” Praising Their “Unique System,” etc. What Changed?


Glenn Youngkin’s all about bashing China *now*, but that most certainly was NOT the case as recently as the summer of 2020, just a few months before he launched his political career, when he was a HUGE booster of China at the Carlyle Group, where he was a top executive for years. See below for just a few examples of how Youngkin touted the prospects for China’s economy, invested heavily in China, even praised its government, for YEARS while he was at the Carlyle Group.

Yet now, Youngkin’s turned sharply against China (at least rhetorically; note that there are still many big companies in Virginia with big investments in China, and that  even the Counselor to Governor Youngkin is from one of those companies), despite the fact that China’s government is essentially the same today as it was in 2019, 2020, and for the many years Youngkin was at the Carlyle Group investing billions of dollars in that country.

So…what changed, other than the fact that Youngkin’s trying to appeal to the right-wing “base” and to compete with Trump, DeSantis, etc? And seriously, how does someone go from rah-rah/gung-ho about something for decades, then turn on a dime to “they are evil incarnate,” essentially? Does this guy have any core principles, other than advancing his own financial and political prospects?!?

Glenn Youngkin from April 2019 on China:

“We are long-term bullish on China, we think there will be a trade deal…we have had a very strong investment in China, we’ll do more.” (note: China‘s regime was just as bad in 2019 as it is today, yet Youngkin LOVED it then)

From May 2020:

  • “I think we all forget that while we’re sitting in shelter-in-place, all of our Chinese colleagues were doing this back in January, and so that gave us a chance as a firm to really begin to prepare and I think it gave us a little bit of a head start.
  • China has got a unique system and therefore their ability I think to uniformly manage things was incredibly helpful. But we’ve seen capacity in restaurants, capacity in port operations, pick way back up to the point where it’s not quite where it was pre COVID-19 but it really is from a capacity standpoint pretty darn close. I think the big observation has been certain parts of the Chinese economy have rebounded well and other parts have been sticky slow and that’s understandable”…


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