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Democrat Hamid Munir Announces Campaign for Fairfax County School Board – At-Large

Munir joins four other Democrats (Abrar Omeish, Kyle McDaniel, Lawrence Webb, Ilryong Moon) running for three at-large seats.


No website yet, but it looks like there’s another Democratic candidate for Fairfax County School Board at-large – Hamid Munir (see his press release, below), who joins incumbent Abrar Omeish, as well as Kyle McDaniel, former Fairfax County School Board member Ilryong Moon and former Falls Church Schoo9l Board member Lawrence Webb for three at-large seats. The Fairfax County Democratic Committee will be making endorsements for School Board based on the results of an “Unassembled Caucus” it will hold from May 13 through May 20, both online and in person. The process will use Instant Runoff Voting in which voters “may rank the candidates in order of preference.” May the best candidates win!

Hamid Munir Announces Campaign for Fairfax County School Board – At-Large

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Virginia – Hamid Munir announced today that he will run to represent every voice of the Fairfax County community as a Fairfax County School Board – Member at Large. Mr. Munir is a longstanding member of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) and is seeking the FCDC endorsement in the upcoming caucus.

The next four years will be a critically important period for the Fairfax County School Board as it confronts key issues, many of which predate the COVID-19 pandemic and many that were exacerbated by it. We must build a platform to take our great Fairfax County schools to the next level of world-class education.

On the school board, Hamid will continue to advocate for our kids and our parents.  He will advocate for better pay for our teachers and better technical infrastructure and resources that can help our teachers teach effectively, help our kids learn, and support hybrid learning when necessary and appropriate. He will work to address inequalities among county schools, working to raise up schools to the highest quality levels. And he will be an unwavering advocate for ensuring that all our children – regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, economic status, or need of special services – receive a first-rate education.

He is a longtime county resident and a parent of children in Fairfax County Public Schools.  He has worked to build a bright future for the children of Fairfax County through community leadership, organizational advocacy,  and consistent support to ensure that all children have a quality education and an experience that supports their physical and mental well-being.  He has been a leader in a broad range of community organizations, including the PTA at the local, regional, and statewide levels.

Hamid is an immigrant American who has overcome many challenges to earn undergraduate and master’s degrees from George Mason University and to become a successful IT professional.  Fairfax County public schools gave him an education that put him on the path toward success, and he is grateful that his own children are now in Fairfax County public schools.

He is passionate about achieving the best education for our kids. As a father, an advocate, a community leader, and a technology professional, he has the experience to be a powerful voice for the Fairfax County community on the School Board as a member at large.


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