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Video: In Lashrecse Aird’s “first TV ad of this campaign, my mother narrates just how hard I’ve worked throughout my life and now how hard I will work for you!”


It should go without saying that literally EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT should be supporting Lashrecse Aird for VA Senate over the appalling, embarrassing incumbent Sen. Joe Morrissey. If you haven’t endorsed Aird yet, what on earth are you waiting for?!? And if you’re actually supporting Morrissey, you need a values/ethics check, badly.

Press release from Lashrecse Aird’s campaign:

Aird Launches First TV Ad of 2023 Emphasizing History of Working Hard in the Legislature for Virginians

PETERSBURG, VA — Today, Lashrecse Aird, candidate for Senate District 13, announced her first television ad for the primary election campaign. With her mother narrating, the ad introduces Lashrecse Aird to voters as someone who’s had to work for everything she has, and who will continue to build on her previous legislative success, working hard for the families of Senate District 13. The ad is running on cable and broadcast primarily in the Richmond-Petersburg media market. 

Aird released the statement below following the rollout:

“As a mother of school-age boys, a wife and working families’ champion, my decision to run for State Senate is as it was when I was first elected to the Virginia House of Delegates—and that is to use my lived experience to advocate for real problems being felt by every voter in this district. Nobody knows my story and how hard I’ve worked better than my own mother. That’s why I am proud to have her share just how hard I’ll continue to work for the families of this district.”


Aird’s Mother VO: “My daughter Lashrecse knows what “hard” means.

Aird’s Mother VO: “Growing up, she watched me work hard.” 

Aird’’s Mother VO: “When times got tough, Lashrecse worked harder.”

Aird’s Mother VO: “Put herself through school, twelve-hour shifts at a factory.”

Aird’s Mother VO: “…in the legislature she worked just as hard to help people.”

Aird’s Mother VO: “Affordable health care, good schools and safe streets.”

Aird’s Mother VO: “….AND for women to have the right to choose.”

Aird’s Mother VO: “For my Lashrecse? “Hard” is just a word.” 

Aird: “Thanks Mom. You made it look easy.” 

Watch the Ad here: [https://bit.ly/AirdTVAdHard]

First elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2016, Lashrecse Aird previously represented the 63rd District. For more information about Lashrecse please visit:  www.lashrecseaird.com


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