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Video: On Bill Maher’s Show, VA Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears Talks Trump’s Indictment, Waco, Jamaican Marijuana, Politicians’ Pictures with Big Guns, “lap dances at school by a drag queen,” etc.

Also: "You want to live your life a certain way, do it! I live my life a certain way, I'm doing it. This is America, after all."


Last night on “Real Time with Bill Maher” (definitely not my favorite show, to put it mildly, for many reasons), Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears had a bunch to say on several topics. See below for a few highlights and the video. Enjoy? LOL

On Trump’s indictment: “Well here’s what I’m saying; everybody deserves due process, right? We don’t even know what the charges are. Do you know what they are? I hear that there are 30 of them. Right now, we’re pretty much speculating. What I’m saying is, I think like my grandmother said, ‘be careful that you don’t dance on the grave of your enemy because you may fall in’. So let’s just wait and see what plays out…Actually you know the Washington Post editorial board, which is no friend of Republicans, has said that this is a very flimsy charge and it may not hold up, because John Edwards was actually charged pretty similar to this and he was acquitted on one of the counts and a hung jury on the rest, because they the jury accepted that he was not really campaign donating as much as he was trying to hide the affair from his wife.”

On Trump kicking off his campaign in Waco: “What most people don’t know about Waco, Texas is that it was started by a Jamaican who left Jamaica, founded the town, bought thousands of acres because he said god told him, and now we have Waco Texas…It’s a nice town.”

On the police who rushed in to the school in Nashville and stopped the murderer: “The heroes who rushed in…and that’s why we’re not defunding the police, because who are you going to call when they’re breaking into your home…Your mouth won’t fall off because you said something nice about the police. Because have you ever noticed that as soon as somebody needs a cop, you know…it’s a totally different scenario…but otherwise they they talk ill of them. And in every profession there are bad apples. There are bad doctors, bad lawyers, bad teachers, bad cops – get rid of them…I think the horror of it, you know that there were three children involved, and then of course the adults, and that lives were just taken just like that without any purpose behind it…there was no warning. There’s a shock to your system. But once you set that aside…let’s not keep talking about it, I don’t want to hear what the manifesto is, because some other idiot will come along and try to improve upon whatever that is. And…here’s the thing, if we can keep people from getting on planes without guns, then surely we can do that in the school system. We can do that. We have the technology. Let’s get it done. That’s the first order of business…”

On marijuana: “Remember I’m from Jamaica…and I hear we have the best [marijuana]…I’m saying, I don’t know, I’ve never touched it…Most people don’t realize that many Jamaicans don’t do that, it’s mostly the Rastafarians and they do it reach a higher level.”

On Republicans sending out photographs of them and their families holding big guns: “The AR-15…I’m a Marine, I know how to use it…No, I wouldn’t do it for Christmas. But here’s the thing…But listen, I got tired and I have that photograph because I got tired of seeing Black people, every time we’re in the media about guns, it’s always bad. We are law-abiding citizens and we’re not going to give up our Second Amendment rights. And by the way, the fastest growing segment of gun owners, do you know who they are? I’m glad you asked. Women! Women! Black women! Black women! And it was a Black woman that said, you need a Winchester rifle in every home – a Black woman and during the Civil Rights and before said that. Harriet Tubman carried a gun; if it’s good enough for her it’s good enough for me…Let me tell you, I think what most people say is that the Second Amendment is there to back up the First Amendment and that’s all well and good too. But here’s the thing, if you’re breaking into my home while I’m waiting on the police to come, I’m going to shoot you…that’s just the way it is…I’m going to pray for you but I’m going to shoot you.”

On transgender kids: “Actually, that’s the problem, because nobody’s talking about the opposite side of that equation, which is we’re now finding that these children want to detransition and they can’t. They’re adults now and unfortunately you know the breasts were cut off or their parts were cut off and and they’re lamenting that they’ll never be able to have children, they’ll never be able to experience that…”

On “misgendering” the murderer in Nashville: “Hang on you know what this person murdered six people I don’t really care who you say you’re you are you murdered six people and three of them were children you don’t get a say well she’s dead now so you know but you don’t gotta say in telling us who you are and what you’re about you killed six people; that’s what really matters. I’m a parent I’m a parent all day I get to decide what happens in my child’s life not you not the government not anybody I don’t co-parent. I had this child, I’m responsible for this child, anything happens to Little Johnny you’re calling me as you should. So what I’m saying now is, if I don’t want my child given lap dances at school by a drag queen, I don’t want it done. That’s happening…I’m talking about as a parent…this is my child, I will make a decision about what happens with my child…It’s happening…There are drag queens that are doing pole dances, there are drag queens that are in school…Bill, you gotta read more…Let me tell you, they take them to the libraries.”

On history textobooks in Florida (or wherever) not mentioning that Rosa Parks was Black: “It’s dumb, that’s dumb…absolutely dumb…Listen, half of what we’re experiencing today doesn’t make any sense….a world of chaos a world of confusion, up Is down, right is left…So we need to come back to a place of sensibility where we can talk about things. I mean, we talked about guns before and nobody realizes or maybe we’ve forgotten, that Martin Luther King Jr applied for a concealed carry permit and he didn’t get it. Do you know why? Because they said – wait for it – he didn’t have good character. So what I’m saying is, let’s just live and let live. You want to live your life a certain way, do it! I live my life a certain way, I’m doing it. This is America, after all. You know don’t force me to like…and just because…I don’t hate, it’s just that you’re doing what you’re doing, I’m doing what I’m doing, let’s be ok with that.”


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