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Glenn Youngkin Said Far-Right Ron DeSantis Was His Role-Model Governor. Now, Both Have Driven Away Billions in Investment and Thousands of Jobs in Their States.

Not coincidentally, both BADLY want to be president!


So Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (who Glenn Youngkin said was his role-model governor!) just drove away a $1 billion investment (by Disney) due to his anti-LGBTQ/far-right lunacy.  This comes after Glenn Youngkin earlier this year killed a $3.5 billion investment – and thousands of badly needed jobs (by Ford) in Southside Virginia.  In both cases, the harm to their states’ economies came about due to their governors’  burning ambitions to be president, plus their willingness to go as hard right as needed to win the Trumpist/MAGA GOP’s presidential nomination in 2024. Hence, DeSantis has been relentlessly assaulting public education, LGBTQ people, the teaching of African-American history, etc. And Youngkin has been doing pretty much the same in Virginia, plus his sudden antipathy for China, after spending most of his adult life praising Communist China’s “unique system” and investing BILLIONS OF DOLLARS there.

Sensing a pattern here? That’s right: both DeSantis and Youngkin are willing to say or do ANYTHING to achieve their political ambitions – no matter how many people they harm, no matter how many lies they have to tell, etc. It should go without saying that unprincipled, power-hungry politicians like this are the LAST people we should want in the White House!


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