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Is John Dantzler a Democrat – or an Opportunist?

"Democrats in HD80 should come out in force for the true Democratic candidate, Destiny LeVere Bolling."


by Ailurophile

John Dantzler is running in the June 20th Democratic primary against Destiny LeVere Bolling for deep-“blue” House District 80 (Henrico County).  But is he actually a Democrat?  Or is he trying to run a bait-and-switch?

Dantzler voted for Trump.  Need we say more?

Yes, we do – because HD80 is very blue and whoever wins the primary, wins the election.  We need to consider that Dantzler’s candidacy is a copy of what we just saw in North Carolina, where Tricia Cotham was elected last November as a Democrat and switched parties, giving Republicans a veto-proof majority in the state House.  We don’t need that here.

 Dantzler’s Republican Creds

  1. 1. Dantzler voted for Trump and pushed his agenda.  Dantzler gives the excuse that when he voted for Trump he was an independent.  Why the heck that makes it OK to have voted for the orange bloviator is anyone’s guess.  But now, when he calls himself a Democrat, Dantzler is still spreading the Trump agenda on social media.  He’s constantly liking and reposting things by Glenn Youngkin, Tucker Carlson and other conservatives – and especially Tim Scott.  Dantzler seems to have a real man-crush on Tim Scott.  Very sweet, but not very blue.
  1. 2. Dantzler is endorsed by the gun lobby.  Dantzler sought – and received – the endorsement of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL).  This organization is so extreme it makes the NRA look like a litter of golden retriever puppies.  The VCDL’s positions are in direct conflict with the Democrats’ stance on gun violence prevention (Democratic Party Platform, pgs. 47-8)  Nevertheless, after reading Dantzler’s responses to their survey, the VCDL rated him “Pro-Gun.”  The VCDL crows about their successes in halting gun control bills in the General Assembly, so there is no question but that, if elected, Dantzler would pay back the endorsement by supporting Republican efforts to roll back gun safety laws and putting more guns on our streets.

3. Dantzler is anti-choice. Dantzler has made it clear that he would be a solid vote against abortion rights.  When we see all around us a woman’s right to choose – and even her life and well-being –  threatened, we know we cannot afford to have John Dantzler in the Virginia House.  We need every single Democratic vote to be a pro-choice vote.  Dantzler’s anti-choice stance puts him in direct conflict with the Democratic Party Platform:  “We believe unequivocally, like the majority of Americans, that every woman should be able to access high-quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion (pg. 32).”

4. Dantzler undermines Democrats.  In 2015, Dantzler ran as an Independent against the Democratic incumbent for Fairfield Board of Supervisors, Frank Thornton.  He also attended a fundraiser for Tony Pham, the Republican candidate for Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney.  Pham gave Dantzler a shout-out from the stage, thanking him for his support and welcoming him to the “Phamily.”  Pham went on to become Trump’s Director of ICE.  In 2021, Dantzler ran against now Senator Lamont Bagby, who has served Henrico in various roles for well over a decade.

We’ve already seen in North Carolina how bait-and-switch in a safe blue district can change the dynamic of the entire legislature.  Are you comfortable with someone who has John Dantzler’s Republican credentials making decisions on issues like gun violence prevention and reproductive freedom? I know I’m not.

Bottom line:  Democrats in #HD80 should come out in force for the true Democratic candidate, Destiny LeVere Bolling.  She’s the real deal who will work hard for her constituents and who believes in and practices the principles of the Democratic Party.


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