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Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA11): “This morning, an individual entered my District Office armed with a baseball bat and asked for me before committing an act of violence against two members of my staff”


Wow, this is horrifying and completely unacceptable. I’ll post further details when the are available; in the meantime, let’s all hope that the members of Rep. Gerry Connolly’s team will be ok.

UPDATE #2: “Rep. Gerry Connolly told me the assailant — who attacked two of his aides today — did so with a metal bat. The attacker struck one senior aide in the head with the metal bat, he said. The attacker also hit an intern — on her first day on the job — on the side with the bat. The attacker, who is a constituent from his district but who Connolly says he doesn’t know, caused wide damage in his office, shattering glass in a conference room and breaking computers along the way. ‘He was filled with out of control rage,’ Connolly told CNN me. Connolly was at a ribbon cutting at the time for a food bank when the assailant drove to his district office and entered the building. The congressman estimates it took police about five minutes to respond to the emergency call for help.”  – Manu Raju, CNN

UPDATE #1: According to a police spokesperson (see video, below), the call came in at 10:49 am, officers were on the scene by 10:54 am.


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