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Audio: Closing Off His Campaign, VA Sen. Joe Morrissey Goes on Trumpist/MAGA/Right-Wing Radio to Rail Against “Infanticide,” Planned Parenthood, George Soros, Michael Bills, etc.

On 6/20 or before, make sure you tell everyone you know to vote for Lashrecse Aird for VA Senate!


Yesterday, I wrote about my reasoning for endorsing former Del. Lashrecse Aird over incumbent Sen. Joe Morrissey in the SD13 Democratic primary. To recap:

I’ve written a bunch of posts/tweets/etc. about why incumbent VA Sen. Joe Morrissey has to go (for just a few, see Video Released of Joe Morrissey Exclaiming: “I’m Proud to Vote Pro-Life and I will Side with Republicans in the Future on this Issue.”This Is Not the Type of Person Who Should Be in the Virginia State Senate. Fortunately, There’s an Alternative.VA Senate Democratic Women Reject “the divisive and destructive actions of [Joe] Morrissey,” Endorses Former Del. Lashrecse Aird in the 6/20 Dem Primary, etc. – and why voters should replace him with former Del. Lashrecse Aird, but I just wanted to formally endorse Aird for the SD13 seat. This one’s about as big of a “no-brainer” as you can possibly get in a Democratic primary – Morrissey is an embarrassment who, if reelected, will be a thorn in the side of Senate Democrats (if he even stays in the party!), who could vote to restrict women’s reproductive freedom in Virginia, etc, etc. In stark contrast, former Del. Aird will be a STRONG, LOYAL Democrat and progressive. Can this primary choice be any clearer? Go Aird!

So now, with under five days to go until the 6/20 Democratic primary, Morrissey just went on Trumpist/MAGA/far-right radio (“The John Fredericks Show”) to make his closing argument.  See below for audio and “highlights” (in air quotes) from this bats***-crazy interview, in which Morrissey had the following to say. And, of course, make sure you vote – and remind EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO VOTE – for Lashrecse Aird on Tuesday. Women’s reproductive freedom in Virginia could very well come down to this primary!

Sen. Joe Morrissey: “Lashrecse Aird…voted for…supported…championed a bill that allowed for an abortion up to the day before delivery…I called that not only wrong, but murder…She has made it all about abortion.. And my party…they’ve really taken a position that, as follows – if you’re not for abortion, all the time anytime, anyplace, up to 9 months, then you’re persona non grata…”

MAGA radio host John Fredericks: “Well listen, this message is for anyone that lives in the 13th district, whether you’re a Democrat…an Independent…Republican, it’s irrelevant. You’ve got between now and June 20th to vote in the Democratic primary for Morrissey. Now if you’re Republican and you want to do that, there is no viable Republican that is in this race…This is a binary choice now – you’re going to be represented the next four years by either Sen. Joe Morrissey or Lashrecse Aird, who by the way Aird has taken countless 100s of 1000s of $$$ from Michael Bills, Sonjia Smith, these people are trying to destroy the country…They’re basically part of the Communist Manifesto.”

Sen. Joe Morrissey: “It’s an open primary, anbyody can vote, we don’t register by party, and EVERYBODY listening out there right now can vote in this primary that determines the next state senator. Most of her money, if not all of it, has come from out of state, from George Soros, from Planned Parenthood folk, that are trying to buy this race…from people in NY, LA, FL…You want somebody that is anti-business, that is so far to the left they don’t even have an area for her that champions abortion…up to the day of delivery…how can you do that?…I said if you have an abortion up until the day before delivery, that’s murder, it’s infanticide and my party criticized me for it…”

Any further questions about why Democrats need to turn out in DROVES for Lashrecse Aird over the next 4+ days?!?



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