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“Disgusting fearmongering” by “morally and ethically adrift word salad bar” Nikki Haley, Who Endorsed Both Glenn Youngkin and Jason Miyares

Haley "pivot[ed] right to crazy" on CNN last night


Last night, Glenn Youngkin’s (and Jason Miyares’) pal Nikki Haley “pivot[ed] right to crazy” – as former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) put it – on CNN. And as VA Sen. Ghazala Hashmi says:

“Disgusting fearmongering. How many teens does Haley actually talk to? The teens I hear from are feeling bullied w/in social media circles, pressured by expectations, anxious about the future. Sadly, many are vulnerable to sexual abuse from men in their lives: men–not transgirls.”

Given Haley’s track record, of course, nobody should be surprised by any of this crap. But still, it’s appalling…as was Jake Tapper’s performance last night, where he mostly just let Haley spew out falsehoods with essentially no pushback. Pathetic – and VERY revealing of where the Trumpified/MAGA GOP(Q)’s collective head is at right now. And yes, that includes Glenn Youngkin’s and Jason Miyares’ heads.


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