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Now in the Final Week of Early, In-Person Voting for 6/20 VA Primaries, Here Are the Latest Numbers

The top two State Senate races in terms of early voting are SD11 (Sen. Creigh Deeds vs. Del. Sally Hudson) and SD13 (Sen. Joe Morrissey vs. former Del. Lashrecse Aird).


We’re now into the final week of early, in-person voting for the 6/20 Virginia primaries (the final day of in-person early voting is Saturday, June 17). See below for the latest early voting numbers, courtesy of VPAP, for the State Senate and House of Delegates. A few highlights include:

  • Total early voting in State Senate Democratic primaries has reached 59,650. For State Senate Republican primaries, early voting is much lower, at 15,360, with fewer primaries than on the Democratic side.
  • The highest early voting for State Senate so far is in SD11 (Sen. Creigh Deeds vs. Del. Sally Hudson), with 8,328 votes cast. That’s followed by: SD13 (Sen. Joe Morrissey vs. former Del. Lashrecse Aird) at 6,249 votes; SD40 (Sen. Barbara Favola vs. James DeVita) at 5,807 votes; SD18 (Sen. Lionell Spruill vs. Sen. Louise Lucas) at 4,568 votes; SD37 (Sen. Chap Petersen vs. Saddam Salim) at 4,395 votes; SD14 (Sen. Lamont Bagby vs. Katie Gooch) at 3,641 votes; SD21 (Del. Angelia Williams-Graves vs. Norfolk City Councilwoman Andria McClellan) at 3,530 votes; SD35 (Sen. Dave Marsden vs. Heidi Drauschak) at 3,269 votes; SD12 (Sen. Amanda Chase vs. former Sen. Glen Sturtevant vs. Tina Ramirez) at 3,164 votes; SD29 (Sen. Jeremy McPike vs. Del. Elizabeth Guzman) at 3,060 votes; SD27 (Ben Litchfield vs. Joel Griffin) at 3,049 votes; SD33 (former Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy vs. former Del. Hala Ayala) at 3,003 votes; SD36 (Sen. George Barker vs. Fairfax County School Board member Stella Pekarsky) at 2,972 votes; etc.
  • The highest early voting for House of Delegates so far is in HD54 (Bellamy Brown vs. Dave Norris vs. Katrina Callsen) at 3,980 votes cast. That’s followed by HD55 (Kellen Squire vs. Amy Laufer) at 3,745 votes; HD82 (Victor McKenzie vs. Kimberly Adams) at 2,748 votes; HD81 (Terrence Walker vs. Del. Delores McQuinn) at 2,631 votes; HD2 (Adele McClure vs. Kevin Saucedo-Broach) at 1,982 votes; HD07 (Karen Keys-Gamarra vs. Paul Berry vs. Shyamali Hauth vs. Mary Barthelson) at 1,965 votes; HD80 (Destiny Bolling vs. John Dantzler) at 1,871 votes; HD57 (Bob Shippee vs. Susanna Gibson) at 1,651 votes; HD47 (Marie March vs. Wren Williams) at 1,625 votes; etc.



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