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Virginia Primary Night 2023 Results: Live Blog – and the Top 25 Races to Follow Tonight


UPDATE 10:34 pm – Several big calls by Chaz Nuttycombe, including Jennifer Carroll Foy in SD33, Stella Pekarsky in SD36, Saddam Salim in SD37!

UPDATE 9:58 pm: In the SD36 Dem primary, with 27/49 precincts reporting, it’s super close between challenger Stella Pekarsky (51.5%) and Sen. George Barker (48.5%). In the SD37 Dem primary, with 28/50 precincts reporting, it’s also very close between challenger Saddam Salim (52.7%) and incumbent Sen. Chap Petersen (47.4%).

UPDATE 9:53 pm: In SD29, with 40/49 precincts reporting, Sen. Jeremy McPike leads Del. Elizabeth Guzman 50.5%-49.5%. Very close!

UPDATE 9:49 pm: In the HD19 Dem primary, Rozia Henson (39.39%) narrowly leads Makya Little (37.58%) and Natalie Shorter (23.0%) with 8/16 precincts reporting. In the HD07 Dem primary, Karen Keys-Gamarra (37%) leads Paul Berry (27.9%) and Shyamali Hauth (27%), followed by Mary Barthelson (8.1%).

UPDATE 9:45 pm: “Christie Craig will win in SD-19. Former delegate Tim Anderson attempting to carpetbag doesn’t work. Craig is favorite to be next State Senator in this red district” – Sam Shirazi

UPDATE 9:40 pm:Congratulations to @JCarrollFoy for becoming the Democratic nominee for Senate District 33!” – Fairfax Dems

UPDATE 9:37 pm – In the SD37 Dem primary, challenger Stella Pekarsky is leading incumbent Sen. George Barker 52.3%-47.7% with 23/49 precincts reporting. Nail biter!

UPDATE 9:35 pm – In the SD37 Dem primary, challenger Saddam Salim is leading incumbent Sen. Chap Petersen 53.0%-47.0% with 24/50 precincts reporting.

UPDATE 9:32 pm – In the Prince William County Democratic primary for Board of Supervisors Chair, a potential major upset is in the making, as challengeder Deshundra Jefferson leads incumbent Ann Wheeler 50.98%-49.02% with 85/103 precincts reporting.

UPDATE 9:25 pm – In the HD96 Dem primary, it’s SUPER close; with 16/18 precincts reporting, Del. Kelly Convirs-Fowler leads Brandon Hutchins 28.0%-26.5%, followed by Susan Hippen (25.3%) and Sean Monteiro (20.2%).

UPDATE 9:20 pm – Congrats to the superb Rae Cousins (D), who is winning HUGE tonight (as expected) and is going to make a SUPERB delegate in HD79!

UPDATE 9:15 pm – Per Chaz Nuttycombe, “SD-18 (D) Louise Lucas WINS, major victory for @notlarrysabato, this defied conventional wisdom and he gets another feather in his cap. I’m late on this one the entire district is in lol”

UPDATE 9:13 pm – Ben Tribbett has called it for Sen. Creigh Deeds (D) over Del. Sally Hudson (D) in SD11.

UPDATE 9:03 pm – In Fairfax County, incumbent Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano leads Ed Nuttall 59.1%-40.9% with 34/271 precincts reporting.

UPDATE 9:01 pm – In the HD54 Dem primary, Katrina Callsen is winning easily (over Dave Norris and Bellamy Brown) with 16/18 precincts reporting.

UPDATE 8:53 pm – Joel Griffin (D) is easily defeating Ben Litchfield (D) in SD27; with 37/48 precincts reporting, it’s now Griffin 61.3%-Litchfield 38.7%.

UPDATE 8:52 pm – Per Sam Shirazi, “Upset watch in SD-37 Still lots of votes to count, but Chap Petersen only barely won his base of Fairfax City Salim is winning much bigger Fairfax County Need to wait for more”

UPDATE 8:49 pm – Ben Tribbett has called two more races: Del. Angelia Williams-Graves (D) over Andria McClellan (D) in SD21 and Kannan Srinivasan (D) over Sirisha Kompalli in HD26.

UPDATE 8:44 pm – In the HD57 Dem primary, Susanna Gibson has defeated Bob Shippee 53.3%-46.7%. In the HD55 Dem primary, Amy Laufer has defeated Kellen Squire (it’s 68.1%-31.9% with 26/29 precincts reporting). In HD79, with 8/28 precincts reporting, Democrat Rae Cousins leads Democrat Ann Lambert 57.8%-35.4%. Also, former Del. Nadarius Clark (D) has easily defeated Democrat Michele Joyce in HD84 (it’s 83%-17% with 25/35 precincts reporting).

UPDATE 8:41 pm – With 80/107 precincts reporting, Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj (D) leads Elizabeth Lancaster (D) 55.8%-44.2%. Looking like Biberaj will be reelected, despite a relentless assault by Republicans and right-wing media outlets like Sinclair (WJLA7).

UPDATE 8:39 pmSam Shirazi just tweeted, “It appears Twitter queen Louise Lucas has won the SD-18 primary Almost everything is in and Spruill didn’t get the margin he needed in Chesapeake Lucas will continue to be a thorn in the side of Glenn Youngkin”

UPDATE 8:36 pmSen. Scott Surovell (D) just congratulated Sen. Creigh Deeds (D), “who will win tonight based on the results I’m seeing plus the early vote to come ”

UPDATE 8:33 pm – Ben Tribbett tweets, “Projection 8:27 PM: Parisa Dehghani Tafti wins the Democratic primary for Arlington County and Falls Church Commonwealth’s Attorney.” Congrats Parisa!

UPDATE 8:30 pm – With 13/64 precincts reporting in the SD4 Dem primary, Trish White-Boyd is leading Luke Priddy 53.4%-40.4%. With 20/48 precincts reporting in the SD27 Dem primary, Joel Griffin leads Ben Litchfield 59.25%-40.75%.

UPDATE 8:29 pm – With 22/67 precincts reporting in SD1, insurrectionist/extremist/bigot/nutjob Del. Dave LaRock (R) leads with 36.8%, with his closest challenger Brandon Monk at 22.9%. Appalling.

UPDATE 8:27 pm – Ben Tribbett calls it for Sen. Lamont Bagby in SD14.

UPDATE 8:20 pm – With 24/63 precincts reporting in SD11, Democratic Sen. Creigh Deeds leads his challenger, Del. Sally Hudson, 53.1%-46.9%. With 27/64 precincts reporting in SD18, Sen. Louise Lucas (D) leads Sen. Lionell Spruill (D) 54.9%-45.1%. In SD19, Republican Jeff Bruzzesi leads Tim Anderson and Christie Craig 45.7%-35.2%-19.1% with 17/50 precincts reporting.

UPDATE 8:18 pm – With 55/57 precincts reporting in SD12, Sen. Amanda Chase (R) now TRAILS former Sen. Glen Sturtevant (R) 39.6%-37.9%. In SD27, Tara Durant (R) leads Matt Strickland 56.1%-43.9% with 27/48 precincts reporting.

UPDATE 8:15 pm – In-person early voting has Sen. George Barker (D) leading challenger Stella Pekarsky 52.2%-47.8% in SD36.

UPDATE 8:12 pm – With 72/107 precincts reporting in Loudoun County, incumbent Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj (D) leads her challenger Elizabeth Lancaster (D) 55.9%-44.1%. In Arlington, with 36/57 precincts reporting, incumbent Commonwealth’s Attorney Parisa Dehghani-Tafti (D) leads her challenger Josh Katcher 57.4%-42.6%.

UPDATE 8:08 pmBen Tribbett calls it for Democrat Kimberley Pope Adams in HD82 and for Del. Delores McQuinn (D) in HD81, as well as for Democrat Laura Jane Cohen in HD16 and for Sen. Dave Marsden (D) in SD35.

UPDATE 8:05 pm – In the HD92 Dem primary, it’s now Bonita Anthony 51.6%-Kim Sudderth 48.4% with 9/21 precincts reporting. In the HD55 Dem primary, it’s now Amy Laufer 78.6%-Kellen Squire 21.4% with 7/29 precincts reporting. In the HD57 Dem primary, it’s Susanna Gibson 56.8%-Bob Shippee 43.2% with 10/19 precincts reporting. In the HD81 Dem primary, it’s Del. Delores McQuinn 83.6%-Terrence Walker 16.4% with 16/25 precincts reporting…so congrats to Del. McQuinn on her re-nomination.

UPDATE 8:00 pm – In the SD12 Republican race, it’s now Sen. Amanda Chase 39.0%-Glen Sturtevant 37.8%-Tina Ramirez 23.2% with 51/57 precincts reporting.

UPDATE 7:54 pmSam Shirazi calls SD13 for former Del. Lashrecse Aird: “It’s Joever: Lashrecse Aird will win the SD-13 Democratic nomination She defeats “fighting” Joe Morrissey who will go down for the count Aird won Election Day in Petersburg and crushing Henrico.” Great news! 🙂 Ben Tribbett also has called it for former Del. Lashrecse Aird.  Shweet!

UPDATE 7:50 pm – In Arlington County, incumbent C.A. Parisa Dehghani-Tafti now leads Democratic challenger Josh Katcher 56.2%-43.8% with 28/55 precincts reporting. For Sheriff, Jose Quiroz leads Democratic challengers Wanda Younger and James Herring 38%-35%-27% with 28/55 precincts reporting. And for County Board, it seems to be a tight race between Natalie Roy (25%), Susan Cunningham (24%), Maureen Coffey (22%) and JD Spain (21%), with 28/55 precincts reporting.

UPDATE 7:47 pm – In SD11, it’s now Sen. Creigh Deeds 52.9% (1,443 votes) – Del. Sally Hudson 47.1% (1,283 votes). In SD14, Sen. Lamont Bagby now leads Democratic challenger Katie Gooch 83.4%-16.6%. And in SD21, Del. Angelia Williams Graves leads her Democratic opponent Andria McClellan 61%-39%.

UPDATE 7:43 pm Ben Tribbett has called HD80 for Democrat Destiny Levere Bolling and HD47 for Republican Wren Williams. Also, Democrat Adele McClure wins HD02 – congratulations!

UPDATE 7:42 pm – In SD18, it’s now Sen. Louise Lucas (D) 54%-Sen. Lionell Spruill 46%, with 13/64 precincts reporting.

UPDATE 7:38 pm – In Arlington County, it’s now Commonwealth’s Attorney Parisa Dehghani-Tafti (D) 50.6%-Josh Katcher (D) 49.4%, with 7/57 precincts reporting. And in Loudoun County, it’s now Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj 56.9%-Elizabeth Lancaster 43.1% with 43/107 precincts reporting.

UPDATE 7:36 pm – Ben Tribbett just called it for Democrat Russet Perry in SD31. Go Russet!

UPDATE 7:31 pm – On the Republican side, right now in SD12, it’s close between Sen. Amanda Chase (39.0%) and former Sen. Glen Sturtevant (38.1%), with Tina Ramirez (22.8%) a notch behind those two. Also interesting, in HD73, Republican Mark Earley is leading 70.2% (2,837 votes) to 18.2% for Ryan Harter and 11.6% for Yan Gleyzer…and Ben Tribbett just called this one.

UPDATE 7:28 pm – It’s looking good for former Del. Lashrecse Aird in her primary of Democratic incumbent Sen. Joe Morrissey. Currently, it’s Aird 65.8%-Morrissey 34.2%. Also, Ben Tribbett calls it in SD40 (“Projection 7:25 PM: Barbara Favola wins Democratic primary in Senate District 40”).

UPDATE 7:26 pmBen “Not Larry Sabato” Tribbett has projected that Suhas Subramanyam will win the Democratic primary over Ibraheem Samirah in SD32. Ben also projects, “Tommy Wright wins Republican primary for HD district 50.”

UPDATE 7:24 pm – In Loudoun County, with 47/108 precincts reporting, Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj (D) is leading challenger Elizabeth Lancaster 56.9%-43.1%.

UPDATE 7:22 pm – In Arlington County, with 5/55 precincts reporting, Democratic challenger Josh Katcher leads Commonwealth’s Attorney Parisa Dehghani-Tafti 53.6%-46.4%.

UPDATE 7:20 pm – In HD26, Democrat Kannan Srinivasan leads Sirisha Kompalli 67.9%-32.1%. In HD82, Democrat Kimberly Pope Adams leads Victor McKenzie 66.4%-33.6%.

UPDATE 7:17 pm – With 2/73 precincts reporting in SD13, Democrat Lashrecse Aird leads Joe Morrissey 58.4%-41.6%. In SD21, Democrat Angelia Williams Graves leads Andria McClellan 53.5%-46.5%. In SD31, Democrat Russet Perry leads Zach Cummings 66.9%-33.1%. In SD32, Democrat Suhas Subramanyam leads Ibraheem Samirah 80.4%-19.6%. In SD40, Democratic Sen. Barbara Favola leads James DeVita 81%-19%.


It’s 6:45 pm, and polls will close in Virginia in 15 minutes. In this live blog of the primary election returns, I’ll primarly be checking the VA Department of Elections website and VPAP for resuts as they come int. Feel free to use the comments section of this post to report what you’re hearing. The top 25 races I’ll be closely watching, in (very) roughly descending order, are:

1) SD13: Sen. Joe Morrissey vs. former Del. Laschrecse Aird – hoping this is the end of Morrissey’s appalling, embarrassing political career; this primary’s also crucial for the future of women’s reproductive freedom in Virginia, as Morrissey isn’t reliable on that issue or in general as a Democrat, despite representing a solid-blue district.

2) SD36: Sen. George Barker (D) vs. Stella Pekarsky (D) – Hopefully this will result in a Pekarsky win in this solid-blue district!

3) SD37: Sen. Chap Petersen (D) vs. Saddam Salim (D) – Could be very close, and which could make a big difference in the ideological makeup of the VA Senate Democratic caucus; also a solid-blue district.

4) SD35: Sen. Dave Marsden (D) vs. Heidi Drauschak (D) – Also could be very close, and which also could make a big difference in the VA Senate Democratic caucus – in terms of its leadership, as well as in its willingness to vote for systemic reforms (campaign finance, ethics, etc.).

5) SD18: Senators Louise Lucas (D) and Lionell Spruill (D) – Nothing would surprise me in this battle of Democratic heavyweights “drawn in” together (by redistricting) in this deep-blue district.

6) SD11: Sen. Creigh Deeds (D) and Del. Sally Hudson (D) – Also could be close and could make a major difference in the VA Senate Democratic caucus; solid-blue district.

7) SD29: Sen. Jeremy McPike (D) vs. Del. Elizabeth Guzman (D) – Also could be close and could make a major difference in the VA Senate Democratic caucus; solid-blue district.

8) SD21: Andria McClellan (D) vs. Del. Angelia Williams-Graves (D) – I think this one leans Williams-Graves, while Elections Daily thinks it leans McClellan; we’ll see shortly; solid-blue district..

9) SD33: Jennifer Caroll Foy (D) vs. Hala Ayala (D) – Interesting primary in this deep-blue district between two former delegates and former candidates for statewide office; also, a proxy battle between Dominion Energy (which heavily backs Ayala) and Clean Virginia (which heavily backs Carroll Foy).

10) SD27: Joel Griffin (D) vs. Ben Litchfield (D) – The Democratic nominee in this “purple” district will have a difficult, but not impossible, shot this November.

11) SD12: Sen. Amanda Chase (R) vs. former Sen. Glen Sturtevant vs. Tina Ramirez This could be the end of Chase’s disgraceful career, but would right wingnuts Sturtevant or Ramirez really be any better? Yuck. (note: this is a solid-red district)

12) SD27: Matt Strickland (R) vs. Tara Durant (R) – Both are awful, although Durant is not quite as far-right as Strickland; let’s hope whoever wins this nomination loses to the Democratic nominee in November!

13) SD19: Former Del. Tim Anderson (R), Christie Craig (R) and Jeff Bruzzesi (R)None of these right wingers will in any way/shape/form represent “value added” in the VA Senate, but one of them will win in November in this deep-red district.

14) HD96: Del. Kelly Convirs-Fowler (D) vs. Susan Hippen (D) vs. Sean Monteiro (D) vs. Brandon Hutchins (D) – This one’s turned into a major proxy battle in a solid-blue district between Dominion Energy (which has heavily backed Hippen) and Clean Virginia/Sonjia Smith (which have backed the other three, particularly Convirs-Fowler in recent days).

15) HD07: Mary Barthelson (D) vs. Paul Berry (D) vs. Shyamali Hauth (D) vs. Karen Keys-Gamarra (D) – It’s very hard to know who will win this Democratic primary to succeed long-time Del. Ken Plum (who has endorsed Keys-Gamarra) in this deep-blue district; we’ll see shortly.

16) HD19: Rozia Henson (D) vs. Makya Little (D) vs. Natalie Shorter (D) – Hard to say who will win this Democratic primary in this deep-blue district; we’ll know soon.

17) HD55: Amy Laufer (D) vs. Kellen Squire (D)  – This one’s gotten heated in recent weeks; whoever wins the Dmeocratic nomination here should win easily in November, given the district’s solid-blue partisan lean.

18) HD79: Rae Cousins (D) vs. Ann Lambert (D) vs. Richard Walker (D) –  I’m really hoping that the super-impressive Cousins wins the Democratic nomination in this deep-blue district!

19) HD82: Victor McKenzie (D) vs. Kimberly Pope Adams (D) – I think McKenzie would be the strongest candidate to take back this “purple” district in November!

20) HD54: Bellamy Brown (D) vs. Katrina Callsen (D) vs. Dave Norris (D) – Interesting Democratic primary in this solid-blue Charlottesville district.

21) Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney: incumbent Buta Biberaj (D) vs. challenger Elizabeth Lancaster (D) – Republicans have really pushed to oust Biberaj; we’ll find out soon enough if they succeeded.

22) Arlington County Commonwealth’s Attorney: A slugfest between incumbent Parisa Dehghani-Tafti (D) and challenger Josh Katcher (D), who formerly worked for Theo Stamos, who Dehghani-Tafti unseated in June 2019).

23) Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney: incumbent Steve Descano (D) vs. challenger Ed Nuttall (D) – Republicans have pushed to oust Descano; will they succeed?

24) Arlington County Board: There are six candidates (Maureen Coffey, Susan Cunningham, Jonathan Dromgoole, Natalie Roy, JD Spain, Tony Weaver) for the Democratic nomination for two openings on the County Board (with incumbents Katie Cristol and Christian Dorsey not running for reelection)…and using Ranked Choice Voting to determine the winners.

25) Fairfax County Board (Mason and Springfield districts): I’m hoping that Andres Jimenez (D) wins in Mason district; Springfield district is between Albert Vega (D) and John Nowadly (D).


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