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Arguing for the FBI’s New HQ, the Ever-Cynical/Dishonest Glenn Youngkin Signs a Letter Touting Things He HATES – Equity, Diversity, Clean Energy, Sustainability, Lower CO2 Emissions, etc.

Also, of course, Youngkin's MAGA Republican Party has viciously attacked the FBI...


Given the Trump Republican Party’s intense hostility to the FBI – as well as to diversity, equity, sustainability, public transit, clean energy, reducing CO2 emissions, etc. – it’s really fascinating to see Republicans Glenn Youngkin, Rob Wittman and Jen Kiggans sign a letter that touts all those things, including “a strong commitment to advancing equity and support for underserved communities,” “the strength of our diversity,” “Virginia’s commitment to affordable, reliable, and clean energy,” etc., etc.

Of course, Youngkin badly wants to claim credit – even if he doesn’t at all deserve it (as is the case with Virginia’s strong economy, which literally has NOTHING to do with him!) – for whatever “wins” he can tout, even if they have little or nothing to do with him, or even if they are in SPITE of his party and him. In the case of the FBI headquarters, Maryland’s Democratic Governor Wes Moore recently took some hard shots at Youngkin, arguing (accurately) that he’s “the only chief executive of the two states that actually says, ‘I believe in the mission of the FBI and I don’t believe it should be defunded’ — the only one.”

In the end, if Virginia actually ends up being selected for the new FBI headquarters, Youngkin will of course pound his chest and claim credit, and the credulous media will probably lap it up and spew it out, but that will NOT mean it’s accurate. To the contrary, if Virginia wins this competition, it will most likely be much more in SPITE of Youngkin and his party, rather than thanks to their efforts. And if Virginia LOSES this competition to Maryland, it almost certainly will be due – at least in part – to Youngkin and the Trumpist Republican Party driving it away…


Letters to GSA and FBI follow recent announcement of adjusted selection criteria 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Members of Virginia’s congressional delegation, Governor Glenn Youngkin, and local leaders are making the case that Springfield remains the best location for the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) new headquarters. Even with the General Services Administration’s (GSA) recent announcement of adjusted selection criteria, the lawmakers and local leaders expressed confidence that Springfield continues to perform strongly across each of the five criteria: FBI Proximity to Mission-Related Locations, Transportation Access, Site Development Flexibility and Schedule Risk, Promoting Sustainable Siting and Advancing Equity, and Cost.

In their letter to GSA and FBI, Governor Youngkin, U.S. Senators Mark R. Warner and Tim Kaine, and U.S. Representatives Gerry Connolly (D-VA-11), Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (D-VA-03), Rob Wittman (R-VA-01), Don Beyer (D-VA-08), Abigail Spanberger (D-VA-07), Jennifer Wexton (D-VA-10), Jen Kiggans (R-VA-02), and Jennifer McClellan (D-VA-04) highlighted Springfield’s proximity to Quantico and other law enforcement and national security assets, the region’s robust transportation network, and ways the site would save money for the federal government and taxpayers because it is already federally-owned. They also explained how selecting the Springfield site would advance equity, support underserved communities, and help address inequities that exist in the region.

“Virginia’s proposal for a consolidated FBI headquarters offers a reliable partnership, exceeding the site selection criteria across all categories. The optimized GSA Springfield site provides superior proximity to law enforcement and national security-related agency assets; an accessible, robust transportation and public transit network; significant site development flexibility as the only federally-owned site under consideration, with a commitment to expediting any permitting and construction processes, and minimizing schedule risk; a proven record of, and strong commitment to advancing equity in local communities and promoting sustainable siting; and a substantial cost benefit, with Virginia’s strong commitment to making this a responsible choice for the taxpayer,” wrote the lawmakers. 

In addition to the Virginia congressional delegation letter, the Alexandria NAACP, All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Interfaith & Government Committee, Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce, Northern Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Northern Virginia Urban League, Prince William NAACP, and Prince William Omega Psi Phi Fraternity sent a separate letter to GSA and FBI outlining how choosing the Springfield site would advance equity across the region. The local leaders wrote, “We fully support the Springfield bid and believe it will have a transformative impact for our communities.”

 “Relocating to Springfield also offers the federal government the opportunity to help address inequities that exist in our region, particularly in the Franconia District, where the prospective FBI site is located,” they continued. “Choosing Springfield as the new home for the FBI headquarters will help close the gap and provide economic opportunity to historically disadvantaged and underserved communities.”

 In March, Governor Youngkin and members of Virginia’s congressional delegation met with GSA and FBI and held a press conference to make the case that Springfield is the best location for the new FBI headquarters. In February, Governor Youngkin, Senators Warner and Kaine, Representatives Connolly, Beyer, and Spanberger, and local leaders held a press conference in Springfield. In February, members of Virginia’s congressional delegation and Governor Youngkin sent a letter to GSA and FBI laying out the case for the Springfield site. 

Full text of the letter sent by Governor Youngkin and members of Virginia’s congressional delegation is available here. Full text of the letter sent by local leaders is available here.


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