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Glenn Youngkin’s Worst Nightmare? Right Before “Barbie” Started, HD71 Dem Nominee Jessica Anderson Was Approached by an Almost-18-Year-Old Who’s Super-Excited to Vote Democratic This November; “Our youth are paying attention”


Thanks to HD71 Democratic nominee Jessica Anderson for sharing this great story! To read the article it refers to, see here (‘This Is a Really Big Deal’: How College Towns Are Decimating the GOP; Growing population in America’s highly educated enclaves has led to huge gains for the Democratic Party. And Republicans are scrambling for answers.’). Also, as Sam Shirazi points out: “Virginia’s college towns have become increasingly blue. This year they’ll play an important role in some key races – UMW in Fredericksburg SD-27, HD-65 W&M in Williamsburg SD-24, HD-71 VT in Blacksburg HD-41. [The question] is if students will end up turning out.” So let’s do everything we can to make that happen; as Simon Rosenberg pointed out this weekend at the VA Women’s Summit: “If you take the 2020 results of the election, where Biden won by four and a half points, and you keep everything constant but you change one thing, which is you have under-45-year-old voters vote at the same level as their population distribution – not a crazy thing, right? just at the same  level as they represent – Biden wins by 10  points. And so imagine if we do  that here in Virginia.” Wow!


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