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Video: At “Blue Brick Wall” Kickoff Event in Springfield, Sen. Louise Lucas Vows to Crisscross Virginia, Do Whatever Necessary to Stop Youngkin, Hold the Senate and Take Back the House of Delegates

"There's no time to take a break...there's too much at stake...you name it, it's on the chopping block"


I just got back from a great, well-attended event this afternoon in Springfield, kicking off Sen. Louise Lucas’ “Blue Brick Wall Series,” the goal of which is to help make sure VA Senate Democrats win this November and continue to serve as a “‘brick in the wall’ against Youngkin’s extremist agenda.”  Check out the following video, in which Sen. Lucas said:

“Look, I am so happy that the primaries are behind us…We have some of the best candidates…running in November… we have a historic number of people of women who are running…of people of color who are running, we have some of the best candidates we could get…I want everybody who knows anybody that’s a Democrat to get up off their ass and come out help me…There’s nothing we can’t do if we all work together. But I gotta tell you, there’s no time to take a break; I know a lot of folks want to go and take a summer vacation – go for a couple days and come back and then get back to it. Because there’s too much at stake. We have every right…all the rights that we have accomplished over these last few years are at stake – LGBTQ rights, reproductive rights, voting rights….you name it, it’s on the chopping block…It ain’t happening…I am counting on every able-bodied Democrat in…Virginia….to get engaged in these elections in November. Nobody can afford to stay at home. Don’t tell me you’re sick. Vote early…do whatever you have to do but make sure you get register to vote. Because we got Youngkin because people sat on their hands…and you all know it. And we are not going to let that happen again. So if I have to crisscross this state again like I did last year….[we need] everybody to get all of the committees to build their own brick wall – build the brick wall!…We need volunteers, we need people working the phone banks, we have a hell of a ground game ...get people knocking on them damn doors…raising that money…regain the majority in the House, pick up seats in the Senate and let Democrats control Virginia…Thank you to all of you for what you’ve done so far, but I am challenging you to do even more, because we all have to win together. Thank you. Thank you.”

P.S. It was great chatting with a slew of people, including Fairfax County Dems Chair Bryan Graham and Fairfax County Dems Executive Director Dominic Thompson; Former Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn; Senate Democratic nominees Stella Pekarsky and Saddam Salim; HD07 Democratic nominee Karen Keys-Gamarra; Sen. Jeremy McPike; Del. Elizabeth Guzman; Sen. Dick Saslaw; Falls Church Dems Chair Cindy Cunningham; Arlington/Falls Church Commonwealth’s Attorney Parisa Dehghani-Tafti; Sen. Louise Lucas; Natalie Shorter; Sen. Adam Ebbin; Sen. Barbara Favola; Ben Tribbett; Kenton Ngo; Fairfax County School Board member Karen Corbett Sanders; Karen Campblin of the Fairfax NAACP; Sean Perryman; Karen and Dan Duncan; Kyle McDaniel; and many others.




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