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Video: In Just 12 Minutes, Youngkin’s CNN Interview Highlights Almost Everything Wrong with Him

Youngkin pledges to support Trump if he's the 2024 Republican nominee, engages in WILD "whataboutism," falsely claims he's about "common sense," etc., etc.


Want to understand almost everything wrong about Glenn Youngkin? Check out his interview with CNN last night, where in just 12 minutes, Youngkin does the following:

  • No matter how many times he’s pressed on Donald Trump’s extreme lawlessness, Youngkin absolutely WILL NOT say a bad word about the guy. To the contrary, Youngkin pledges to support Trump if he’s the 2024 Republican nominee for president, while also engaging in WILD “whataboutism” and complete bullshit about how poor Trump’s supposedly being treated different/unfairly compared to others. In fact, if the average person had done the things Trump did in any number of areas, they would have been arrested a long time ago and locked up for the rest of their lives. As for Youngkin’s constant dodging, excuse-making and defense of Trump, it’s digraceful and embarrassing.
  • Youngkin claims, falsely, that a 15-week abortion ban is “common sense.” In fact, only a tiny percentage of abortions occur in the late stages of pregnancy, almost always because of SEVERE fetal abnormalities, threats to the life/health of the mother, etc.
  • Youngkin MASSIVELY lies, claiming “foreign policy weakness and and a disarray in the economy.” In fact, the exact OPPOSITE is the case – America is back on the world stage and our economy (lowest unemployment rate in half a century, inflation back down to about 4%, the lowest among developed economies, energy production at record levels, wages up, etc.) is the envy of the world!
  • Youngkin’s also completely full of crap that people are looking to him because of all the supposedly great things he’s done in Virginia. In fact, Youngkin’s consistently polled at 0% or 1% in the polls of *REPUBLICAN PRIMARY VOTERS*. Also, to the extent Republican insiders are looking at Youngkin, it’s for two main reasons: 1) he did manage to win the 2021 gubernatorial election, albeit by just two points, after a campaign in which the media almost completely fell for his b.s. about being some sort of “moderate,” which he obviously isn’t; 2) he’s super-rich, thanks to his many years at the Carlyle Group making deals with countries like China racking up “bad bets” before being forced out. That’s really it. Other than that, Youngkin inherited a booming economy, a very health budget and AAA bond rating, etc. from Gov. Ralph Northam, and now is doing his utmost to weaken that situation, thanks to his misguided plans to cut taxes for the wealthiest Virginians and his divisive/intolerant policies which are the opposite of Northam’s approach towards creating a welcoming, inclusive, open-for-business Virginia.

So yeah…if you want to know why Youngkin’s a disaster, you can find out by watching the following 12 minutes of video from his interview last night on CNN.


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