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After Years of Trump and His Virginia GOP Allies Spewing False Conspiracy Theories About Early Voting, Youngkin Does About-Face with “big PR push”

Meanwhile, Youngkin's making voting less secure, and has all but vowed to slash early voting opportunities if Rs gain a "trifecta" this November


See below for yet MORE dishonesty from Glenn Youngkin, who continues to kiss up to Donald Trump – who has railed against early voting – while making Virginia elections LESS secure by pulling out of ERIC – giving in to a “years-long disinformation campaign…buttressed by Donald Trump.” Also note that Virginia Republicans opposed Democrats’ efforts to expand voting opportunities, including early voting, and have all but promised to roll back early voting if  – god forbid – they get a governing “trifecta” (the governorship, VA Senate and House of Delegates) this November. So what’s going on here with this “180” from Youngkin and Virginia Republicans? Simple: they’ve been getting their butts kicked by Democrats in early voting and realize they need to turn that around. Hence, Youngkin’s “big PR push to try to get GOP voters comfortable with early voting, despite lingering resistance and conspiracy theorizing.” As usual with MAGA Republicans like Glenn Youngkin, it’s all about trying to gain power, no worries about being dishonest, hypocritical, inconsistent, etc…


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