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New NY Times Poll Finds 15-Week Abortion Ban, Which Youngkin Is Pushing, Not at All Popular (38% Support vs. 53% Oppose)

And VA Republicans almost certainly wouldn't stop there in rolling back women's reproductive freedom, bodily autonomy, etc.


Unsurprisingly, Glenn Youngkin’s proposed 15-week abortion ban – in addition to being really bad for women’s reproductive healthcare, bodily autonomy, freedom, etc. – is also not AT ALL popular (38% support vs. 53% oppose, per the new NY Times poll). Of course, as bad as a 15-week abortion ban would be, if Youngkin gets a governing “trifecta” (House of Delegates, State Senate, governorship) of right-wing, anti-choice Republicans, he almost certainly wouldn’t even stop there, but instead would likely push for an even more draconian ban (e.g. his role-model governor, Ron DeSantis, signed a *6-week abortion ban* into law back in April!). Speaking of which, in that same NY Times poll, a 6-week abortion clocks in at 36% support-57% oppose. So, if you’re in the 57%-36% majority and that’s not something you want to see in Virginia, then make sure that this November, you vote (Democratic) accordingly!

P.S. Of course, this is a national poll, but Virginia is very close to the median politically (or even a bit “bluer”)…


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