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Video: On “Morning Joe,” Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) Talks About Trump’s Quarter-BILLION-Dollar “Stop the Steal” Grift, the “Radicalization Pipeline,” “Command-and-Control,” etc.

Also: "the same people behind J6 are behind the Hunter Biden laptop"


Great job by former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) on “Morning Joe” this morning. See below for video and a few highlights.

  • “First of all, when you talk about Hunter Biden, the ‘whataboutism’ defense is going to be huge…I have the forensics on the Hunter Biden data…the same people behind J6 are behind the Hunter Biden laptop, it goes back to Bannon and Giuliani…so it gets more and more dangerous as it goes down the Hunter Biden laptop route.”
  • “If you look at the texts and the congressmen and congresswomen in the texts, you’re talking about, what, around three dozen that we found…and really, the Mark Meadows text messages was the roadmap.”
  • “…the radicalization pipeline…right now we still haven’t looked at the command-and-control, how they raised money on the lie, what did fundraising look like, the hyperbole and outrage, how they targeted people for those type of monies, and the huge money-making operation between November [2020] and January [2021], the $250-$255 million that the Trump campaign raised during that time on the ‘Stop the Steal’ messaging…I do believe this is just the tip of the iceberg...the Hunter Biden laptop is going to be used for ‘whataboutism’ which is pretty weak. I do think the Congressional representatives are really scared today when you’re looking at the evidence. And I think we still have the whole command-and-control side that was done as far as the radicalization pipeline, and maybe down to wire fraud and things like that…I think it’s just starting, to be honest.
  • I don’t think [the Feds] are [cool with Trump raising a quarter billion dollars based on the Big Lie], I think it’s the biggest conspiratorial grift in the history of the United States. And you’re also looking at the other members of Congress that also raised money on ‘Stop the Steal’ and that lie…how about the RNC, how much money did they raise on that…You know people are still fundraising off it today…What just absolutely shocks me is how many American citizens were grifted out of their money, still giving money for this, and it’s ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS to believe the election was stolen.”
  • “The other thing that is absolutely fascinating is that Mark Meadows at this point…was not, as far as the definition, not on the descriptors for the co-conspirators…To have the Chief of Staff, who was involved with EVERY SINGLE PERSON on that co-conspirator list – think about it, every single person, Mark Meadows was actually dealing with, every person – for him not be on there is just a massive indicator to me.”



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