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NRA Ratings of Virginia Candidates Clearly Tell Us Who To Vote For (Candidates with an “F” or “D” rating) and Who NOT To Vote For (Candidates with an “A” or “B” rating)


In the vast majority – if not every single one – of Virginia State Senate and House of Delegates races this fall, the choice is crystal clear: if you support women’s reproductive freedom, vote for the Democrat; if you support climate action and clean energy, vote for the Democrat; if you support voting rights, civil rights, and/or civil liberties, vote for the Democrat; if you support LGBTQ equality, vote for the Democrats; etc.  And, obviously, if you support gun violence prevention, obviously VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRAT!

On that last point, the NRA – one of the worst (extreme, corrupting, etc.) groups in America, by any metric – is out with its ratings of Virginia candidates for the General Assembly. So…if you had any doubts before this as to who you should vote for, there’s none now. See below for the “A” ratings and the “F” ratings from the NRA in competitive districts, and make sure that starting on September 22, you vote for the candidate(s) with the “F” ratings and absolutely do NOT, under ANY circumstances, vote for candidates with “A” (or even “B”) ratings from this horrible, blood-on-its-hands organization.

“A” Ratings from the NRA (definitely do NOT vote for these people!)

  • SD4: David Suetterlein (R)
  • SD17: Emily Brewer (R)
  • SD22: Kevin Adams (R)
  • SD24: Danny Diggs (R)
  • SD27: Tara Durant (R)
  • SD31: Juan Pablo Segura (R)
  • HD21: John Stirrup (R)
  • HD22: Ian Lovejoy (R)
  • HD41: Chris Obenshain (R)
  • HD64: Paul Milde (R)
  • HD71: Amanda Batten (R)
  • HD75: Carrie Coyner (R)
  • HD82: Kim Taylor (R)
  • HD84: Michael Dillender (R)
  • HD86: AC Cordoza (R)
  • HD89: Baxter Ennis (R)
  • HD94: Andrew Pittman (R)
  • HD97: Karen Greenhalgh (R)

“B” Ratings from the NRA (Also do NOT vote for this guy!):

  • HD57: David Owen (R)

By the way, there are several Republican candidates who are clearly VERY pro-gun, yet for whatever reasons get “?” ratings from the NRA. Definitely do not for any of these people – e.g., Riley Shaia (R) in HD58, Lee Peters (R) in HD65, Bill Woolf (R) in SD30 – either!

“F” Ratings from the NRA: (Definitely DO vote for these folks, all of whom are Democrats of course!)

  • SD4: Trish White-Boyd
  • SD16: Schuyler VanValkenburg
  • SD17: Clint Jenkins 
  • SD22: Aaron Rouse 
  • SD24: Monty Mason
  • SD27: Joel Griffin 
  • SD30: Danica Roem
  • SD31: Russet Perry
  • HD21: Joshua Thomas
  • HD30: Rob Banse 
  • HD41: Lily Franklin 
  • HD57: Susanna Gibson
  • HD58: Rodney Willett
  • HD65: Joshua Cole
  • HD71: Jessica Anderson
  • HD84: Nadarius Clark
  • HD86: Jarris Taylor
  • HD89: Karen Jenkins 
  • HD94: Phil Hernandez 
  • HD97: Michael Feggans 

Also, there’s one Democratic House of Delegates candidate – Kimberly Pope Adams in HD82 – who gets a “D” rating from the NRA. Definitely vote for her agains her NRA “A”-rated  Republican opponent!





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