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Video: As Expected, Youngkin Goes on Fox “News” and…Yep, Spews Wild Lies with Zero Pushback or Correction

For instance, there absolutely was no “effort to systematically lower expecations by the ‘progressive left’ [sic] as standards were lowered.”


As expected, Glenn Youngkin’s appearance this morning on his “safe space” (right-wing-propaganda network Fox “News”) was basically wild lies, huge distortions, political talking points and…did I mention wild lies? To summarize: in the following video, when you see Glenn Youngkin’s lips moving, you know that he’s either wildly lying, distorting, projecting, spewing out his (false) talking points, taking cheap shots, mischaracterizing what anyone on the Democratic side thinks or wants, etc. In short, disgraceful as usual by this thoroughly smarmy individual.

1. Youngkin is actually working to trash VA public education, not make it better.
2. There absolutely was no “effort to systematically lower expecations by the ‘progressive left’ [sic] as standards were lowered.” That’s just a flat-out lie that’s been debunked many times, including by former VA Secretary of Education Atif Qarni (who noted that that, during the Northam administration, “standards haven’t declined in any way, to my knowledge”).
3. Parents absolutely were NOT “pushed out of their children’s’ lives” by Democrats; quite the contrary.
4. Schools absolutely were NOT shut “for an unnecessary period of time” during the Northam administration; in fact, Gov. Northam announced a plan, on June 9, 2020, to reopen Virginia schools, with necessary health measures put in place.
5. Rhetoric to the contrary, Youngkin has not actually raised expectations or empowered parents
6. Youngkin has not been successful combatting learning loss, but he refuses to say “the buck stops here,” but instead keeps looking for scapegoats by taking cheap/false shots at the Northam administration, teachers, etc.
8. Far from putting politics aside, Youngkin has been all about pushing a right-wing political agenda in the schools (just like his role-model governor, Ron DeSantis, has done in Florida).
9. Youngkin’s characterizations of the so-called “progressive left” are WILDLY false in every way. Literally zero connection to reality. Maybe projection?
10. The “opinion” issued by right-wing hack Jason Miyares that supposedly local school boards MUST follow Youngkin’s “model policies” is not worth the paper it’s written on.
11. Youngkin’s spiel about his record so far is completely disconnected to fact, reality or the truth. And no, his right-wing boilerplate policies are not “common sense” in any way/shape/form.
12. Youngkin going on Fox “News” to announce a pardon for the Loudoun parent, Scott Smith, who was arrested for disorderly conduct at a school board meeting, was 100% calculated to try and fire up right-wing voters for this November’s Virginia elections, with early voting starting in just 12 days.

On and on and on it went…of course, with zero pushback by the Fox “News” interviewer. Which, of course, is why Youngkin goes on Fox “News” in the first place; because he knows they won’t challenge him on his many, many lies.


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