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With Just 20 Days Until Early Voting Starts in the CRUCIAL 2023 Virginia Elections, DNC to Pour in $1.2 Million. Of Course, We Still Need a LOT More to Counter Youngkin’s Dirty $$$.

Here are some Democratic HoD and VA Senate candidates to help - now!


Good news:

President Biden directed the Democratic National Committee this week to pour $1.2 million into Virginia legislative races to counter record-smashing fundraising by Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R), whose prospects as a potential last-minute presidential candidate could rise or fall with the outcome on Nov. 7.

The money will bring the DNC’s contributions to the Democratic Party of Virginia this year to $1.5 million — 15 times more than it invested four years ago, the last time all 140 seats in the state Senate and House of Delegates were on the ballot.

So again, this is good news, but we still need a lot more. How much? I don’t know exactly, but it would be nice to see $10-$20 million more through early November to counteract the massive influx of dirty dollars to Youngkin from his Nazi memorabilia buddy, the “brutal” employer Ronald Cameron (who also, ”When an old friend told him he was gay,” responded, “‘And I also know you’re going to Hell’, then “turned his back and walked away”); etc.

Which means that now, with just 20 days until early voting starts on 9/22, it’s time for many millions more to pour in to Virginia Democrats from national environmental, pro-choice, gun violence prevention, LGBTQ, labor, etc. groups, as well as from individual/small-dollar donors! If you want to know which races are the highest priorities, click here for the House of Delegates (Joshua Cole, Rodney Willett, Michael Feggans, Josh Thomas, Kimberly Pope Adams, Susanna Gibson, Karen Jenkins, Lily Franklin, Travis Nembhard, Jessica Anderson, Leonard Lacey, Rob Banse, etc.) and here for the State Senate (Schuyler VanValkenburg, Danica Roem, Russet Perry, Joel Griffin, Monty Mason, Clint Jenkins, Trish White-Boyd, etc.). Or, you can donate to the Virginia House Democrats or Virginia Senate Democrats. Let’s do this!



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