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Video: VA Del. Rodney Willett (D) Releases New Ad “Bankrolled” Highlighting Riley Shaia (R)’s Support From Anti-Abortion Extremists 


From Del. Rodney Willett’s reelection campaign:

Rodney Willett Releases New Ad “Bankrolled” Highlighting Riley Shaia’s Support From Anti-Abortion Extremists 

HENRICO, VA – This week, Rodney Willett’s campaign released its latest TV ad, “Bankrolled,” highlighting his opponent Riley Shaia’s support from anti-abortion extremists. The ad, which is currently airing on broadcast and cable in Richmond, features appearances from Dr. Ellen Palen, a Family Medicine Physician, and Melanie, a Nurse Practitioner, testifying about the MAGA anti-abortion extremists that are backing Shaia’s campaign. Dr. Palen and Melanie continue by saying that there is only one candidate in the race for HD-58 that can be counted on to defend a woman’s reproductive freedom, Rodney Willett.



DR. ELLEN M. PALEN, FAMILY PHYSICIAN: As a doctor I’ve seen extremists try to ban abortion. and Riley Shia is bankrolled by these same politicians.

MELANIE, NURSE PRACTITIONER: They vote again and again to ban abortion.

PALEN: Even in cases of rape and incest.

MELANIE: Shaia embraces the MAGA crowd and funds anti-choice extremists who back Trump

PALEN: The only candidate endorsed by Planned Parenthood is Rodney Willet.

MELANIE: Because Rodney stands for us.



Rodney Willett is a two-term member of the Virginia House of Delegates (HD-73) and running for re-election in the new HD-58. He is a tech and small business entrepreneur.


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