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Video: With 9 Days Until Election Day in VA, Glenn Youngkin Rants, Raves Fear Mongers and Lies a LOT on MAGA Maria Bartiromo’s Fox “News” Show

Just a reminder of why it's CRUCIAL that you vote, Democratic, up and down the ballot!


Just in case you’re STILL confused as to who and what Glenn Youngkin’s all about, check out his appearance this morning on far-right/MAGA Maria Bartiromo‘s Fox “News” show. Here are a few “highlights,” using that word very loosely.

  • First off, Youngkin said he’s “proud” of Republicans for “coming together around Speaker Johnson and getting things moving…I’m happy to see him go to work.” That, of course, is VERY disturbing, given that Johnson is a Christian Nationalist, has promoted the “white nationalist Great Replacement Theory,” helped to “mastermind Trump’s coup” attempt, wants to ban abortion nationwide, insanely blamed school shootings on abortion, also insanely blamed mass shootings the teaching of evolution, led an anti-gay campus movement and wrote in support of criminalizing gay sex,  doesn’t believe in the separation of church and state, is virulently anti-environment and a climate science denier/skeptic, etc.
  • Youngkin rattled off his bulls***, far-right talking points, of course (falsely) blaming EVERYTHING  on Joe Biden. For instance, Youngkin keeps ranting about “chaos at the Southern Border,” but of course never mentions the fact that for DECADES, his party – Republicans – have blocked comprehensive immigration reform and by doing so, made the situation on the southern border much worse. Youngkin also blamed “international chaos” on supposed “weakness in foreign policy,” when in fact it was the Trump administration that coddled our enemies (e.g., Russia, North Korea) while attacking our friends (e.g., Ukraine, NATO). Youngkin also falsely claimed that our economy, which has decades-low unemployment and rapid economic growth – faster than just about every other “advanced” country – is actually “weakness.” What a bizarre, warped view of our country and the world. The thing is, Youngkin’s not stupid, so he must know that he’s lying but doesn’t care. Which makes this crap even worse…
  • In general, Youngkin’s entire narrative about “commonsense conservative policies” working in Virginia is just flat-out false. It’s also internally contradictory, as he claims over and over again that the Democratic-held State Senate has been blocking him from putting in place the (far-right) policies he wants. So which is it: a) he’s gotten his “commonsense conservative policies” through and that’s why Virginia’s doing well; or b) he has NOT gotten those policies through, thanks to the Senate Democratic “brick wall” (or has he hyperbolically calls them, “a group of progressive-left senators that try to block us at every turn”) and Virginia’s success has NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM?  (hint: the correct answer is definitely not “a”).
  • Possibly the biggest of Youngkin’s many lies on this show was that it’s actually Virginia DEMOCRATS who are “trying to sell fear,” when in fact it’s Virginia REPUBLICANS who have been following the standard Republican playbook (going back decades) of stoking fear about crime/immigration (including flat-out LYING about how fentanyl actually comes across the border, overwhelmingly through LEGAL points of entry)/etc., demonizing a relatively powerless group (in this case, LGBTQ kids), etc. – while offering absolutely ZERO hope or positive, constructive ideas to offer Virginians.
  • On the Israel vs. Hamas situation, not surprisingly, Youngkin is 100% with Israel and against Hamas, so anyone thinking of sitting out this (or any other) election because they’re mad at *Joe Biden* for supporting Israel (while stressing the need to avoid civilian casualties, get humanitarian relief in, etc.). And on China, remember that Youngkin for MANY years did tremendous amounts of business with China, praised their government, etc…so what’s the deal with his sudden turnaround on China, other than pandering to the MAGA Republican base?


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