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Videos: Rep. Jennifer McClellan Says If “Y’all Serious” About Reproductive Freedom, Gun Violence Prevention, Voting Rights and/or the Climate Crisis, You Need to Come Out and VOTE Democratic On or Before 11/7!


With just 8 days (!) until election day, need some more motivation to vote (Democratic, of course), volunteer, etc?  If so, then check out Rep. Jennifer McClellan (D-VA04)’s excellent “y’all serious” series, below.

1. “Gov. Glenn Youngkin has said if he gets the Republican trifecta, he would gleefully sign any abortion ban that makes it to his desk…So if you want to protect reproductive freedom, come out and vote. If you don’t, Glenn Youngkin has said the COMPROMISE is a 15-week abortion ban. Are y’all serious?”


2. Are y’all serious about voting rights? Then you need to come out and vote…between now and Nov. 7th. Virginia has a long history of voter suppression, intimidation and discrimination…but when Democrats had the trifecta in 2020 and 2021, we passed a number of measures that took us [from 2nd-hardest state in which to vote] to the 11th-easiest state to vote, and Republicans voted against every single one…Now they’re trying to put MAGA election deniers in office, some of whom attended January 6th. But you have the opportunity to stop them if you come out and vote…”

3. Y’all serious about keeping our communities?…gun violence is the #1 cause of death for children. Yet all Republicans have to offers are ‘thoughts and prayers’ and measures to make it even easier to get weapons of war on our streets. In 2020, when Democrats had control of the Virginia General Assembly, we passed a series of gun safety measures, including background checks for all firearm purchases and disarming domestic abusers. Republicans voted against every single measure and are actively trying to repeal them right now. We can’t let that happen. Come out and vote for Democrats…between now and Nov. 7th.”

4.  “Y’all serious about addressing climate change AND lowering our energy costs? It’s late October but 84 degrees. We’ve seen more severe storms, flooding and wildfires. When Democrats had control of the General Assembly, we made generational progress protecting our environment, addressing climate change and reducing energy costs, and Republicans fought us every step of the way and are now actively trying to roll back that progress. Glenn Youngkin’s even trying to remove Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, even though a majority of Virginians support it as a way to reduce carbon emissions and lower energy costs. We can’t let that happen. Come out and vote for Democrats between now and Nov. 7th. Y’all serious?”

5. “Y’all serious about protecting your rights…reproductive rights, voting rights, LGBTQ rights and worker rights. All of that could be gone with the stroke of Glenn Youngkin’s pen if he gets a Republican trifecta…Vote for Democrats between now and November 7th in state legislative races.”


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