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“How We Won: The DLCC’s Path to the Majority in Virginia”

Memo outlines "how we took the steps necessary to beat Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin and win both chambers of the Virginia legislature."


From the DLCC:

RELEASE: Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Unveils “How We Won” Memo After a Clean Sweep in the 2023 Elections

From early investments to year-round support for campaigns and caucuses, the DLCC continued its unprecedented win streak

WASHINGTON – Today, one week after the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee swept every key election we contested on Election Day 2023, the DLCC unveiled our “How We Won” memo outlining how we took the steps necessary to beat Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin and win both chambers of the Virginia legislature.

To read the full memo, click here. 

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee invested heavily in many races, including devoting staff time and over $2.2 million into Virginiasix-figures to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court raceresources into New Jersey, and support across all of our target districts. Virginia was the most hotly contested state in 2023. Specifically, this new memo outlines how the DLCC was able to pull off a victory, despite massive Republican spending from Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and his MAGA extremist Republican allies.

The memo outlines:

  • The DLCC’s early investment in Virginia, which built a strong foundation and critical infrastructure so that Democrats on the ground could build a self-sustaining program in the state and be ready to take full advantage of later spending and support from other groups.
  • DLCC staff advising and directly supporting the development of finance and campaign plans by the caucuses, helping them achieve their own record fundraising totals, along with our unprecedented $2.2 million direct investment.
  • The DLCC’s ability to localize the races and make them about the real issues that mattered – fundamental freedoms being on the line and access to abortion being the main factors that drove Virginians to the polls.

The DLCC is on an unprecedented win streak. In the 2022 midterm elections, the DLCC won four new state legislative majorities while not losing a single previously-held chamber. In 2023, in special elections leading up to Election Day, DLCC candidates overperformed 2020 margins in their districts by an average of 7 points. And in the 2023 November elections, the DLCC won every key race we contested.

All of this proves one thing: 2024 will be the year of the states. 

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee interim President Heather Williams issued the following statement:

“Today, the DLCC is proud to show the work that went into winning in Virginia and other targets last week and why we continue to win across the country. Early investment, deploying strategic resources, and clearly defining the stakes of these races have proven to be a winning formula for the DLCC and Democratic candidates. The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is on an unprecedented winning streak and we look to carry our momentum into 2024. However, this level of the ballot remains underfunded – despite it having the greatest impact on our daily lives.

“With our unprecedented winning streak, ability to compete in districts and areas all over the country, and proven track record of building state power, there’s never been a better time to join our movement. 2024 is the year of the states. Our goal is to build on our success and ensure that we’re competing in target states across the country. The work for 2024 begins now.”

To read more about how the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee won, click here.


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