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Today’s Trump Cult GOP in a Nutshell: Insurrectionist/Extremist John McGuire (R) to Primary Christofascist Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05)

This is clearly not a party that ANYONE should vote for, EVER, under ANY circumstances.


How extreme has the Republican Party gotten? Three current cases in point:

  • The highly likely Republican nominee for president in 2024, Donald Trump, tried to overthrow the constitution and the government in 2020/2021, and now is talking like Hitler and Mussolini about ridding America of what he calls “vermin” (aka, anyone who opposes him, anyone who isn’t extreme right wing, etc.)
  • Mike Johnson, who U.S. House Republican elected Speaker on October 25, is a christofascist who wants to make America a Christian theocracy, believes in “biblical economics,” has promoted white nationalist “great replacement theory,” etc.
  • Here in Virginia, Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05) is about as far right as it’s humanly (or inhumanly, lol) possible to be, yet – see below – he’s being primaried by someone (Del. John McGuire) who’s as far right as he is and, as an added “bonus,” literally was at the US Capitol as part of the January 6, 2021 pro-Trump mob. And WHY is McGuire primarying Good? Of course, NOT because Good is a far-right extremist – McGuire’s totally cool with THAT! Instead, McGuire’s primarying Good because Good supposedly “‘abandoned’ former President Donald Trump ‘by endorsing another candidate'” (Ron DeSantis, who’s also far right, but not named Donald Trump). So yeah, the current Republican Party isn’t about ideas, it’s about cult-like loyalty to one man, Donald Trump. McGuire makes that clear in his email to supporters, which states that, “In order to “save this great country…get President Donald J. Trump back in the White House, unify the Republican Party behind Trump and focus on beating the Democrats and their Marxist, freedom-crushing policies, [and] deliver results for the American people.” And no, obviously, there are no “Marxist, freedom-crushing policies,” except perhaps in one of McGuire’s malarial fever dream or something.

Bottom line: a party that’s become a cult, devoted to one man (in the case of Republicans, that one man is Donald Trump) who wants to set up a fascist dictatorship, is not a party that ANYONE should EVER vote for, under ANY circumstances. Period.

P.S. Also note that this is a solidly “red” district, so the ONLY way the incumbent Republican – in this case, Bob Good – realistically can be tossed from office is in a Republican nominating contest, NOT in the general election sad to say. That means there’s really no hope of moderation in this district’s representation, only as bad or worse… 🙁


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