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Video: DLCC Interim President Says, “Make no mistake about it, this is a loss for Governor Youngkin”

"Youngkin failed, and he's now headed into the lame duck portion of his governorship facing two Democratic-led chambers"


See below for video and highlights of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC)’s post-election Zoom call to update and discuss the results of the Virginia legislative elections and other key races, with DLCC interim President Heather Williams and former DLCC President Jessica Post weighing in.

  • Williams: “It was a fantastic night for State Democrats…the DLCC won every major contest on the ballot last night, including gaining full legislative control in Virginia, increasing our majority in both chambers in New Jersey, holding a critical Supreme Court seat in Pennsylvania and winning other key races, including a special election in New Hampshire. Democrats also scored big wins with voters in Ohio passing a ballot measure to protect abortion access. And I have to shout out our friends at the Democratic Governor’s Association who scored a big win in Kentucky.”
  • Williams: “Final ballots are still being counted and we still have outstanding race calls to make, but here’s some of what we know. In Virginia, Governor Youngkin spent over $28 million this cycle and promised to deliver full legislative control for his donors. His proposed GOP trifecta would have used its unchecked powers to pass an abortion ban, undermine voting rights and set Virginia back decades. As we have been saying all year, the stakes for preventing this GOP trifecta were incredibly high, and fortunately voters agreed and Democrats delivered big wins.”
  • Williams: Make no mistake about it, this is a loss for Governor Youngkin. After putting all his money and personal capital on the line, Governor Youngkin failed, and he’s now headed into the lame duck portion of his governorship facing two Democratic-led chambers.”
  • Williams: “…we were able to invest over $2.2 million in Virginia this year, help the caucuses raise their own record amounts and build a winning operation and campaign plan. We not only held the State Senate majority, but we picked up seats and ultimately flipped the majority of in the House of Delegates. By our latest count, we have secured at least 21 seats in the State Senate, with two races yet to be called; and we will have at least 51 seats in the House of Delegates, with four races yet to be called. For each of our out in races, we may be in for a delay of a few days as we wait for both provisional ballots and final mail-in ballots to be received and counted by election officials. We believe both of these categories of ballots will break for Democrats, but all of these races are very close, so we will need to watch over the next few days to make the final calls.”

Williams: “We saw time and time again this year both through all the special elections around the country and through last night’s victories and elections that the issue of abortion is still salient, that it’s still motivating for Democrats and for voters and that voters are clearly rejecting the Republican position of banning abortion.”

Williams: “Voters absolutely rejected the governor and his extreme policies. They rejected Republicans in the state House and they delivered not just a returning Democratic majority in the Senate but a new majority in the House.”


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