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Feeling Anxious About 2024? Mark Jacob Gives Us 10 Things *You* Can Do to Help Save Our Democracy and Head Off Fascism This Year


We often hear people saying that they’re worried/anxious/panicked/etc. about the future of our country, but they don’t know what they can do to help. In fact, there’s a TON of stuff we can do to build a better country and to “STOP REPUBLICAN FASCISM,” as former Chicago Tribune editor Mark Jacob points out. First and foremost:

“MAGA extremists actually do care about the feelings of pro-democracy Americans. They want us to feel helpless. They want us to surrender politics to them. Don’t listen. Fight the bastards. If you have other good advice for anti-fascist campaigning, please share it here.”

Then, once you’re no longer feeling helpless: 1) “Pick a cause and get to work”; 2) “Choose a role that feels right” (knock doors, phone bank, write postcards, help register voters, etc.); 3) “Send money strategically”; 4) “Show up at meetings and protests” 5) “Be honest with family and friends”; 6) “Be active on social media”; 7) “Pay for local news” (as long as it’s high-quality, not right-wing media); 8) “Run for something”; 9) “Pace yourself.”

Sound like a plan for 2024? Good, because if we do all those things, we’ll maximize the chances that when 2025 comes around, we’ll actually have something to celebrate!

P.S. I’d also add, “Think globally, act locally” – you can have a much bigger impact in your city, county or state then you can nationally, so focus your efforts there.


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