Home General Assembly Day 2: Virginia Senate Passes Gun Safety Legislation

Day 2: Virginia Senate Passes Gun Safety Legislation


From the VA Senate Dems:

Day 2: Virginia Senate Passes Gun Safety Legislation

RICHMOND, VA- Today, the Virginia Senate continues to enhance public safety by passing a second round of gun safety bills. Spearheaded by dedicated Democratic Senators, these bills represent a significant step forward in our ongoing battle against gun violence.

SB57 by Senator Salim  (D-37) proposes making it a Class 2 misdemeanor for anyone, except active and qualified retired law-enforcement officers, to carry a concealed handgun into restaurants or clubs with a license to serve alcohol for consumption on-premises.

SB 225 by Senator Pekarsky (D-36) seeks that each local school board in Virginia develop and implement a policy for annually notifying parents about their legal responsibility to store any firearms in the household safely.

SB258 by Majority Leader Surovell (D-34)  outlines criteria judges or magistrates must consider when determining probable cause for issuing emergency substantial risk orders or substantial risk orders related to firearm possession,  but also firearms that are accessible to the subject of the order. The Senate Democrats released the following statement:

“Senate Democrats are unwavering in our commitment to safeguarding our communities through common-sense gun safety legislation. Today’s passage of these crucial bills is a testament to our dedication to creating safer environments for every Virginian. By addressing concealed carry in public spaces, ensuring responsible firearm storage in homes, and strengthening the criteria for substantial risk orders, we are taking meaningful steps toward preventing gun violence. Our resolve is stronger than ever to continue championing the safety and well-being of our citizens.”


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