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Video: Speaker Don Scott Talks About the Proposed Wizards/Caps Arena Deal, VA GOP Attacks on Him and How “I’m just going to continue to move forward and continue to do the work that I have to do”

Speaker Scott says he understands Sen. Louise Lucas' reservations and skepticism about the arena


This morning on Fox5 DC, Virginia Speaker of the House of Delegates Don Scott talked about the proposed Wizards/Caps arena deal in Potomac Yard (Alexandria), as well as about attacks on him by Virginia Republicans and how he plans to move forward for the good of Virginia. Check out the clip, below, as well as some highlights, including:

  • Speaker Scott said he’s “not sure” whether the proposed arena deal is going anywhere in the General Assembly this year. Speaker Scott added that “we have a responsibility to do our due diligence on anything that comes to the Commonwealth as an economic development opportunity…I understand…Senator Lucas…her reservations…I understand her skepticism…even with that skepticism, I feel like we have an opportunity to do the best job that we can for the Commonwealth of Virginia, review the project, and I think that’s why the bill came out of the House to continue the conversation, continue to gather information, to see if this is a deal that will really be transformational, while also solving a huge transportation issue in that region of Virginia while also helping create tax revenues for other parts of the state.”
  • Speaker Scott emphasized that it’s NOT just “one lawmaker” (Senator Lucas) holding up this deal – “she makes no moves that are just her, she moves as a leader…she has the opportunity and the right to continue to negotiate in this way in regard to the arena.”
  • Regarding Glenn Youngkin’s attitude/approach, Speaker Scott said “the governor is a businessman by nature, even though he may sometimes lean a little further right than I’d like…maybe say some bombastic things that are outside the purview of what we need to get done for…Virginia…at the end of the day, he is negotiating…we’ll find out if he will move in our direction or not, and that’s why you continue to negotiate…I think there are so many other things that we can get done for the Commonwealth beyond just the arena or some of these other issues that I think we’ll be ok even if…either side gets what they want.
  • On Republican attacks against him, Speaker Scott said, “It’s unfortunate…something 30 years ago that they want to continue to look in the past, I continue to look in the future. I’m grateful for those Republican colleagues who came out and condemned the statementThis has been a pattern for them since I first announced that I was running in 2019, so I’m not surprised, I’m not disappointed, I’m not swayed in any way, I’m just going to continue to move forward and continue to do the work that I have to do, because I know there are so many people counting on me to get this job done.”


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