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Video of/Commentary on Youngkin’s Whiny, Self-Pitying, Petulant Press Conference on the Wizards/Caps Arena…as Senators Lucas, Locke and Ebbin Look on Scornfully


The lies, absurdities, b.s., etc. really come fast and furious with Youngkin, including at his press conference earlier today about the Virginia budget and the proposed Wizards/Caps arena at Potomac Yard in Alexandria. For starters, it certainly would NOT be a “colossal mistake” for the State Senate to have grave reservations about Glenn Youngkin’s highly dubious/questionable sweetheart deal with billionaire bad-sports-teams owner Ted Leonsis. Also, Youngkin’s speech was just so whiny, self-pitying, petulant (e.g., use of “Democrat” as an adjective), etc.

Typical Youngkin – a privileged guy born on third base who believes he hit a triple, as the saying goes – and who knows nothing about state government. Meanwhile, it’s kinda hilarious to see this guy get booted out of Carlyle, have a mid-life crisis, run for governor – despite knowing ZERO about state government or caring about it at all – and then fall flat on his face, both in terms of policy and politics. And to top it all of, he’s thrown in his lot with the guy who’s trying to overthrow our democracy, destroy our country, become a dictator, hand Ukraine over to Putin, etc. Brilliant, huh? So who were those brain-dead “journalists” in 2021 and 2022 portraying Youngkin as some sort of “moderate,” “pragmatist,” etc? And why are they still working in journalism?

Yes, Youngkin is a “petty little petulant child” – among his MANY other flaws. But let’s be clear; this Trump-endorsing right winger was NEVER intending to sign any legislation that’s remotely progressive, pro-environment, etc.

Excellent advice from former Del. @DavidIRamadan (R), not that Glenn Youngkin will take it…

VA @SenLouiseLucas is just kicking Glenn Youngkin’s privileged, pathetic, lying ass – both substantively and on Twitter – and it’s truly glorious to behold!

To put it mildly – and for good reason! – Senator @AdamEbbin @SenLouiseLucas and @SenatorLocke looked just a wee bit skeptical of Youngkin’s whiny, self-pitying b.s. about the Wizards/Caps arena deal…

The looks on @SenLouiseLucas‘ and @SenatorLocke‘s faces – and body language – say it all about Youngkin’s whiny, petulant, falsehood-laden speech.

“This picture is a symbol of [Youngkin’s] Governorship and his (lack of) work with the legislature. Powerful.” – @notlarrysabato



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