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Video: VA State Sen. Ghazala Hashmi Discusses Her “Right to Contraception Act” on MSNBC as Bill Heads to Governor Youngkin’s Desk


Good stuff by VA State Senator Ghazala Hashmi:

ICYMI: Senator Ghazala Hashmi Discusses the Right to Contraception Act on MSNBC as the Bill Heads to Governor Youngkin’s Desk

Watch the full clip here.

RICHMOND, Va. – In case you missed it, Senator Ghazala Hashmi (D-Chesterfield) appeared on MSNBC’s Chris Jansing Reports on Feb. 29 to discuss her Right to Contraception Act. The legislation would codify the right to contraception in Virginia and explicitly prohibit government infringement on that right.

Senator Hashmi told Jansing:

“There has been an overwhelming response here in Virginia in support of this legislation. I have talked to so many voters that feel after the disastrous Dobbs decision we have to take action, and we have to protect the rights that we thought were previously enshrined. And the right to contraception is certainly one of those. We have had a great deal of support, and in fact polling shows that 90% of Americans absolutely support the right to contraceptive care and the right to use contraception. We thought these rights were protected after Griswold in 1965, but Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has signaled that he is ready to take another look at Griswold.”


Delegate Marcia “Cia” Price (D-Newport News) is the patron of the companion bill in the House. Both bills are headed to Governor Youngkin’s desk.

Watch the full clip here.


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