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With Just a Few Days Left in 2024 General Assembly Session, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia Provide “Update on Reproductive Health Care Legislation Headed to Governor Glenn Youngkin”

"We strongly encourage [Youngkin] to embrace this moment"


See below for a helpful update from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia, with just a few days left in the 2024 Virginia General Assembly regular session:


As we approach the end of the 60-day legislative session, many reproductive health care bills are on their way to Governor Youngkin for his review and action. Some bills require his action before the end of session (“7 day bills”) and others he will need to review within thirty days after the conclusion of session. Bills that the Governor acts on during the 7-day window will be before the General Assembly for their action before they adjourn. They could decide to take the bill by for the day until the reconvened session or they could decide to vote before adjournment.

The General Assembly reconvenes on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 for the purpose of considering bills which may have been returned by the Governor with recommendations for amendment or bills that received a veto.

Quote from Jamie Lockhart, Executive Director, PPAV:

“We applaud the steadfast champions for reproductive rights in the Virginia General Assembly for successfully passing legislation that safeguards access to essential reproductive health care, including contraception. Protecting the right to access contraception resonates deeply with voters across the country, and we know there is widespread desire among Virginians for comprehensive reproductive freedom. As Governor Glenn Youngkin contemplates his actions, it is our fervent hope that he sides with the majority of Virginians who are calling for the protection of abortion rights and contraceptive access. We strongly encourage him to embrace this moment, stand in solidarity with the citizens of Virginia, and ensure the enactment of these crucial bills, thereby prioritizing the health and freedom of all Virginians.”

Legislation on Way to Governor Youngkin

SB238 (Hashmi): The “Contraceptive Equity Act” requires health insurance carriers to provide coverage for contraceptive drugs and devices without burdensome copayment or additional fees. The bill passed the Senate on a bipartisan vote of 24Y-14N and the House on a bipartisan vote of 69-29. Governor’s Action Deadline: 11:59 p.m., March 8, 2024

Note: HB819 (King) is the cognate and has passed both the House and Senate. The Senate substitute passed the House on 2/28 by a bipartisan vote of 57-Y 43-N.  The legislation is on its way to Governor Youngkin where he will have 30 days to act once session concludes.

SB16 (Favola)/HB78 (Watts): This legislation protects menstrual health data from a search warrant, subpoena, court order, or other process for the purpose of search and seizure. The bills passed the Senate on a bipartisan vote of (22Y-17N/22Y-18N) and a vote of 51Y-49N in the House of Delegates. The legislation is on its way to Governor Youngkin where he will have 30 days to act once session concludes.

SB15 (Favola)/HB1539 (Simon): This legislation aims to mitigate the risk of extradition against those assisting with and providing abortion care to patients from our commonwealth and elsewhere. It is critical that our legislators take every available opportunity to protect patients and providers from criminalization as a result of extreme anti-abortion laws in other states. SB15 is on its way to Governor Youngkin where he will have 30 days to act once session concludes. HB1539 is moving through the process and will be on the floor this week for final passage.

SB716 (Carroll Foy)/HB519 (King): These bills will help ensure that those who provide legal abortion care in Virginia can maintain licensure in Virginia. Individual lawmakers in hostile states have suggested they would be interested in cross-border enforcement. This bill will help to protect a health care provider’s license in Virginia if they face penalties from a hostile state for the provision of or assistance with abortion. Both of these bills have passed both bodies and are on their way to the Governor. They received bipartisan support in the House (54Y-45N) and passed on party-line votes in the Senate.

SB237 (Hashmi)/HB609 (Price): These bills protect the right to access contraception. Despite overwhelming public support, the constitutional right to contraception is being targeted by a range of candidates and policymakers who oppose reproductive health care, and indeed by the Supreme Court itself. In his concurring opinion of Dobbs, Justice Clarence Thomas voiced support for overturning the constitutional right to contraception – a right established in Griswold v. Connecticut in 1965. This legislation passed on a party-time (21Y-19N) vote in the Senate and received support from all Democrats and a few Republicans in the House of Delegates.  The legislation is on its way to Governor Youngkin where he will have 30 days to act once session concludes.


Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia (PPAV) is a statewide advocacy organization whose mission is to preserve and broaden access to reproductive health care through legislation, public education, electoral activity and litigation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. PPAV works to ensure that individuals and families have the freedom, information, and ability to make their own informed reproductive choices.


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