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WATCH: Kennedy Family Endorses Biden-Harris 2024

"We cannot stand aside when we're up against a man who says he wants to be a dictator on day one"


From President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign:

WATCH: Kennedy Family Endorses Biden-Harris 2024

Today, the Kennedy family announced its endorsement of President Biden and Vice President Harris for reelection. Later today, members of the family will join President Biden for a campaign event in Philadelphia before participating in an organizing event to mobilize local supporters and volunteers around the stakes of this election.

This morning, Kerry Kennedy spoke to her family’s support for President Biden’s reelection bid, emphasizing his agenda for democracy, freedom, and decency, while emphasizing the threat Donald Trump poses to the United States:

Kerry Kennedy on ABC’s
Good Morning America

KERRY KENNEDY: “Well, I think nobody competes with President Biden when it comes to carrying on the legacies of John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy and Ted Kennedy. He has spent his whole life working on behalf of working people, of gig workers. He marched with the UAW and helped to end that strike early. He is an extraordinary leader… He cares about all of us. And he was inspired to get into politics because of my father. So I think there is no competition with him. We need to assure that he is elected.”

Kerry Kennedy on MSNBC’s
Morning Joe

KERRY KENNEDY: “We’re here in Philadelphia with my siblings and representing my first cousins, all of whom… are supporting Joe Biden for reelection. We’re doing that because we feel that the stakes are so high. You just showed that clip of Daddy in which he said, ‘I cannot stand aside.’ We cannot stand aside when we’re up against a man who says he wants to be a dictator on day one, who says he’s going to change the Constitution so he can go after his enemies, who has cozied up to dictators… We need to stop this man. We need to stop Trump and we need to elect Joe Biden, who has always stood with the middle class… and who cares about the middle class and working class in America.”

President Biden has long cited the Kennedy family and their work to fight for justice, human rights, and an economy that works for every American as key to his pursuit of public service. President Biden has a bust of Robert F. Kennedy in the Oval Office and describes R.F.K. as one of his political heroes, who inspired him early in his career to leave corporate law to become a public defender, and then go on to run for public office.


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