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Audio: Del. Marcus Simon Says “If it takes electing a Gorka [as Fairfax GOP Chair] to…wake people up to [the fact that THIS is who Fairfax Republicans are], then I’m a BUY on that!”

Del. Alfonso Lopez: "the fact you have Ms. Gorka as the chair of the Fairfax County Republicans does not bode well..."


Gotta agree with Delegates Alfonso Lopez, Cia Price and Marcus Simon on what the Fairfax GOP’s election of Sebastian Gorka’s wife, Katie Gorka, as their new Chair means.  As for whether I’d be a “sell,” “buy” or “hold,” I can see the “sell” and “buy” arguments made by Delegates Lopez (“sell”), Price (“sell”) and Simon (“buy)”. See below for audio (from Pod Virginia) and a transcript of the delegates’ reasoning on this.

Michael Pope: “Katie Gorka as chairwoman of the Fairfax County Republican committee – the wife of Sebastian Gorka – is now the chairwoman of the Fairfax Republican party…buy, sell or hold.”

Del. Alfonso Lopez: “I’m a big SELL on that…This is going to be a fascinating election  season for the at the federal level this year. And the fact you have Ms. Gorka as the chair of the Fairfax County Republicans does not bode well for the tone of how we are going to be conducting this election up in Northern Virginia.”

Michael Pope: “Well you say it doesn’t bode well for the tone, but that might actually end up helping Democrats perhaps…”

Del. Cia Price: “I’m going to say SELL on anyone that does not believe that Biden was elected and that we are supposed to have free and fair elections and so that would be any Republican right now that you would mention. So just going to go on and say sell on all of that jazz.”

Del. Marcus Simon: “So I’m going to surprise you guys, I’m going to be a BUY on this. And I’m going to be careful about how I say this…I think that the Gorkas unfortunately are an accurate reflection of what the current Fairfax County Republican Party has become…When I got in politics working for Jim Scott in that is now a 70% Democratic district, Fairfax County went for Bob McDonnell in 2009 – it was a red county, it was purple. Most of the people that were Republicans under that Republican Party then have left the Republican Party since then. And so I don’t want to say that Republicans at large are what the Gorkas are, but what’s left of the Fairfax County Republican Party these days is people that…adhere to that line. And so having…them elect somebody like that I think is revealing, I think voters need to understand who it is that’s…electing the leadership of and participating in the leadership of the organized Fairfax County Republican Party. It is who they are, and if it takes electing a Gorka to sort of wake people up to that fact, then then I’m a BUY on that.”


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