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VA05 Far-Right-Extremist Rivals Bob Good and John McGuire Make Unholy Pilgrimage to Trump’s Trial in NY; McGuire Trashes Good as “fake MAGA, never Trumper, traitor”

Yes, the GOP really has devolved completely into an anti-democracy, anti-rule-of-law, cult-of-personality, racist, etc. nightmare.


If you had any doubts whatsoever that today’s Republican Party is an unhinged Trump cult, devoid of any principles, let alone “limited government, free markets, free people,” etc., check out the VA05 Republican primary contest between fascist/theocratic Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05) and insurrectionist/also-far-right-extremist John McGuire.

First off, check out the fact that both Good and McGuire this morning made the unholy pilgrimage to Trump’s trial in NY City, to show their unbridled support for their “dear leader” – and to trash the U.S. criminal justice system, rule of law, etc. Disgraceful. in every way.

Next, check out John McGuire’s interview on MAGA radio (“The John Fredericks Show“) this morning, in which McGuire said the following:

“You know what everybody’s calling [Bob Good] around the district is fake MAGA, never Trumper, traitor. He puts his finger in the wind and see what benefits Bob. And Trump can’t trust him. The district can’t trust him. You and I can’t trust him. Would you rather have somebody who’s been with you nonstop when the chips were down…since you came down the escalator…[or] someone who was opposed to you in 2016, someone who begged you for an endorsement and then less than a year later on the day you got these Marxist Democrat [sic] indictments, endorse a different candidate. And you probably remember…he went on CNN, and I’m going to abbreviate the interview, but the woman asked him, you’ve been trashing Trump. And Bob Good said ‘I never trash Trump’.  And then she said there’s a video of you trashing Trump. And Bob Good said there’s no video of me trashing Trump. And then she played the video… Good says that President Trump is not pro life. I mean, he’s the only president in my lifetime that went to the pro-life march…he’s the one that got Roe vs. Wade and sent the decision back to the state level.…[Good] said [Trump]’s not conservative, said he’s the only one that can lose to Biden. And of course in national interviews instead of telling the truth…I think all of us all Americans cannot stand politicians that talk out of both sides of their mouth.”
So all of this is disturbing on many levels, starting with the fact that a major – and formerly proud – US political party has devolved completely, selling whatever soul it had, from the party of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, George HW Bush, etc, into an anti-democracy, anti-rule-of-law, cult-of-personality (that personality being sociopath Trump’s), xenophobic, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-environment, anti-science, anti-vaxxer, nightmare.  And, really sadly, it’s likely in “red” VA05  that whichever of these dangerous wackos wins the Republican nomination on June 18 will win in November. Just the thought of either of these fascists in Congress should send cold chills down everyone’s – including sane Republican voters’ – spine, but…nope.


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