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Hypocrite Hung: Hung Cao Attacks Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion While Holding VP Position At A Company That Actively Promotes DEI 


From DPVA:

Hypocrite Hung: Hung Cao Attacks Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion While Holding VP Position At A Company That Actively Promotes DEI 

Richmond, VA – A new report from American Journal News highlighted how Hung Cao has repeatedly attacked diversity and inclusion in the workplace yet holds a top position at a company that actively promoted diversity and inclusion.

Cao has compared DEI programs to “Marxism” and even blamed the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore on DEI efforts at the Department of Transportation. He also blamed the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on their DEI efforts in an op-ed for the Washington Examiner.

Yet at the same time, CACI International, where Cao is the Vice President of the Navy and Marine Corps division, has a dedicated DEI program to help “unleash their full potential and appreciate the richness of differences.” Cao talks out of one side of his mouth that diversity is “Marxism,” “communism,” and “socialism,” and yet is in a leadership role at a company that has diversity “woven into” its fabric.

“Hung Cao got caught with a new hypocritical and transparent political reversal because he is an absolute fraud whose words mean nothing,” said DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “Virginians will see through Hypocritcal Hung’s endless political calculations and will see that no matter what position he stakes out next, the only consistent position he has ever had is furthering himself.”

Read more below:

American Journal News: Virginia U.S. Senate candidate Hung Cao says workplace diversity is ‘Marxism’


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