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Making Your Voice Heard: Marching, Advocating in Richmond with New Virginia Majority

By Lee Carter, Candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates (50th district) The single most important step to making sure your voice is heard is...

Prince William Progress Coalition Talks Issues in “Code Blue” Interview

by Stephanie Carter Members of the Prince William Progress Coalition sat down for a video interview with Code Blue (click here for interview), a national group...

Tom Perriello: Open Letter to Virginia Democrats

By Tom Perriello Last week, I asked Virginia Democrats to give me a chance to be our party’s nominee for Governor. The immediate outpouring of...

Perriello Candidacy Creates Chance for Democrats to Try a New Approach: Cooperative Volunteering

by Antonia Scatton, Co-founder of, a new organization dedicated to reforming our political process through radically increased volunteer engagement When I read the news this...

Will Rep. Bob Goodlatte Leave 30,000 of His Constituents in the Lurch?

Cross posted with permission from Goodlatte Watch Congressman Goodlatte has been among the Republicans voting repeatedly to repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), which...

How a Blue Dog Resurgence can save the Democratic Party- and the Country

Note: This is a guest post by "Squire," a bit unusual for Blue Virginia, but what the hell, we live in unusual times. I'm...

Blue Virginia Election Predictions (9/7/13)

Blue Virginia's election predictions (click on image to "embiggen" or click here) are based on all the public polling we've seen, plus the "internal" polling and other information we've heard about both on and off the record. Of course, things could change in the next 60 days or so, but right now, this is how we see the Virginia races for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General.

One important point we can't emphasize enough: in no way, shape, or form should a string of good poll results or a relatively optimistic forecast lull us into complacency. To the contrary, our goal right now should be to redouble our efforts for the final stretch, helping elect not just Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Northam and Mark Herring, but also as many Democratic House of Delegates candidates as possible. And, of course, it's up to YOU to turn out to vote Democratic on November 5, as well as to tell all your friends and neighbors and family to turn out to vote Democratic on November 5.

The flip side of this is we need to absolutely CRUSH the medieval-style extremist team of Ken "I hate contraception, sodomy, gays, voting rights and science" Cuccinelli, EW "Planned Parenthood=KKK" Jackson and Mark "Criminalize Miscarriages" Obenshain. These people would be an absolute disaster for Virginia, especially given that the Teapublicans overwhelmingly control the Virginia House of Delegates, and are neck and neck in the Virginia Senate. If we give the most extreme of extremist Republicans the keys to the Governor's Mansion, the Lt. Governor's ability to break ties in the Senate, and the Attorney General's office...well, you can look just to the south of Virginia, to North Carolina, for a preview of the disasters that await us.

In short, there's plenty of work for all of us, in whatever area we prefer (door knocking, phone banking, writing letters to the editor and/or social media posts, donating to our favorite candidates, etc.) through November 5. Thanks, and go Virginia Democrats!

Unanimous Blue Virginia Endorsement: Mark Herring for Attorney General

In the past, in our various iterations ("Raising Kaine," "RK," "Blue Commonwealth," "Blue Virginia"), we've made group blog endorsements of Democratic candidates in contested primaries. Sometimes those are unanimous. Sometimes it's been a big majority in favor of one candidate or the other. And sometimes, it's been more evenly split, or perhaps just a small majority, and/or a highly contentious/divisive process, in which cases we don't make an endorsement. That's just some context to today's Blue Virginia endorsement of Mark Herring, which was strong, unanimous, and completely without division or contention of any kind. Bottom line: on this one, there wasn't even any back and forth, as there often is, but a crystal clear choice: Mark Herring for Attorney General of Virginia.

We will explain our decision in a minute, but first a note about the LG race. In discussions among the Blue Virginia front pagers, we found majority support for Aneesh Chopra, but we also found one person not comfortable making an endorsement in that race, and a couple (e.g., Teddy Goodson) supporting Ralph Northam. Given that, we've decided not to make a Blue Virginia group endorsement in the LG race. Individual members of the "front page" have endorsed Aneesh Chopra separately, including Elaine in Roanoke and Lowell Feld's (full disclosure: Lowell has been consulting to the Herring campaign on social media since January 2013; both Herring and his opponent have run paid ads on this site; nobody else on the Blue Virginia editorial board is consulting to Mark Herring).

Now, back to our unanimous endorsement of Mark Herring. First off, we refer you to the Blue Virginia interview with Herring, as well as to Lowell's endorsement of Herring back in January. The interview discusses Herring's background and experience, his reasons for running, his vision for the AG's office, as well as his positions on a number of issues (e.g., pro-choice, pro-LGBT equality, pro-environment, pro-science, pro-consumer protection). For its part, the endorsement lays out the positive argument for Herring in detail, and we recommend that you read it. Also, see below for why we believe every Virginia Democrat and progressive should enthusiastically, and proudly, cast their vote for Mark Herring on Tuesday.

“Republicans, Get In My Vagina!”


Dedicated to Trans-vaginal Bob McDonnell!

Babur Lateef: “It Is Time To Deal With Our Bad ‘Deeds'”

The following is a guest post by 2011 Democratic candidate for Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, Babur Lateef.

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) circulated this flier in 1993. I was in medical school at the time and I was the President of our AMSA chapter at my medical school. AMSA advocated for better gun control laws. It is obvious that physicians should stand up for gun control due to the high number of preventable deaths they cause.  It is good public health policy to favor laws that make it tougher to obtain guns. In the countries listed above, it is difficult to get guns. Thus the reason for the low number of gun related deaths.

Now I understand the importance of the second amendment. As a society we regulate the kinds of arms people are allowed to have. I believe that buying weapons should be heavily regulated.  Virginia passed a law that attempted to reduce gun trafficking (one gun a month safeguard). This law had an affect on reducing illegal gun trafficking.  (Something that everyone should be against regardless of you party affiliation). This was concluded in a report done in 1996 by the Virginia State Crime Commission.

Recently, the Virginia General Assembly repealed this law.  Two Democratic Senators were responsible for passing this repeal. Senators Creigh Deeds (Bath) and John Edwards (Roanoke) were the Democrats  resposible for pushing this bill through. The governor signed it into law yesterday. This law would not have passed without their support.

I have spent the better part of my life fighting for our democratic values. I find their vote and Senator Deeds' explanation offensive. It makes no sense to repeal this bill. Their vote should force us to examine their records.  

Normally I refrain from calling folks out by name. But the recent high school shooting in Ohio is another reminder of why gun laws need massive reform. In a democracy we have to make these changes in steps. We never get what we want the first time around. Gun proponents will say that this law is a first step in further restricting gun ownership. You bet your tail this was! Every American should oppose illegal and irresponsible gun ownership. This law had done this. Senator Deeds' explanation for why he voted for repealing this bill is posted on the official website for the NRA chapter in Virginia. I would say they wrote it for him but their stuff is usually better written than the nonsense posted here. So I must assume he wrote this and he believes this dribble.

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