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Northam Shares His Vision For Education and Highlights Jackson’s Opposition To Public Schools

Richmond, VA - Today on a conference call with members of the media state Senator Ralph Northam spelled out his plan to strengthen Virginia's public schools and announced the launch of Educators for Northam. In addition, Northam called out his Republican rival's extreme agenda that would shortchange Virginia's public schools.

The Virginian-Pilot evaluated E.W. Jackson's plan as, "a policy designed to dismantle funding for public education, and its logical extension would be to provide the same relief to childless taxpayers" [Virginian-Pilot, 9.9.13].

Doctor Northam spelled out his priorities for Virginia's education system. As Lt. Governor he is committed to expanding access to pre-K for all Virginians, raising teacher pay, making sure our student are prepared for high-paying jobs, and reforming the SOLs.  He went on to discuss how devastating E.W. Jackson's plan to divert money from public school children and give it to homeschoolers would be for the Commonwealth's public schools.

E.W. Jackson has proposed a constitutional amendment to give equal state funding to public school children and homeschoolers. His plan would mean a $110 million tax hike for Virginia families or the firing of 1,700 teachers and larger class sizes [Washington Post, 7.23.13].

"A strong education system is the foundation for economic opportunity across the Commonwealth," said Senator Ralph Northam. "I am running for Lieutenant Governor because I want Virginia to be the top state for business again, and that starts with supporting our public schools. As a pediatric neurologist, I understand the importance of early childhood brain development and the need to have our kids ready to learn when they enter the classroom on day one."

Northam added, "Mr. Jackson's proposal is extreme and would damage Virginia's public schools. Parents can educate their kids however they want, but it should not be at the expense of public education. My opponent's plan will cost Virginia families over $110 million in new taxes or force teacher layoffs and larger class sizes, either one is unacceptable. On education and other key issues, there is a stark contrast between Mr. Jackson and I."

Those interested in being a part of Educators for Northam can sign up here.

"When it comes to doing the right thing for students, and public education, hence our economic future,  Virginians can trust Ralph Northam. His opponent, E.W. Jackson has an extreme agenda that will do serious damage to Virginia schools," said David L. Temple, former Virginia Deputy Secretary of Education.

"Ralph Northam is leading the way on issues like providing early childhood education for all of Virginia's children.  Ralph understands that by investing in our children at an early age, we are preparing them to succeed in school and in the workplace," said Mrs. Crabtree, an Elementary School Teacher from Northern Virginia.

See the growing list of educators supporting Ralph Northam for Lt. Governor.


Ralph Northam Names McEachin Campaign Chairman

Richmond, VA - Today Ralph Northam's campaign for Lieutenant Governor announced that state Senator Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) will serve as the campaign's chairman. McEachin is the chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus and was an early endorser of Northam's candidacy.

With the Virginia Senate evenly split --20 Democrats and 20 Republicans--the race for Lieutenant Governor will determine the majority in the next legislative session. Senator McEachin is a veteran of Virginia campaigns. He will serve as a surrogate for Senator Northam and assist with the key components of the campaign.

"I am proud to have my friend Donald McEachin play such an important role in this campaign. He has been a tremendous leader of our caucus in the Senate and a trusted advisor to me in this race. Together in the Senate we have worked to repeal the intrusive ultrasound mandate, support the bipartisan transportation bill, and to create opportunity for all Virginians. I am lucky to have him be a part of our team and I look forward to continuing our work together," said state Senator Ralph Northam.

Senator McEachin said, "I am proud to be a part of this important endeavor. I know that Ralph Northam will continue his strong efforts to ensure that Virginians can get and keep good jobs, that our public schools are top-notch and that our transportation crisis is addressed. Most significantly, Ralph will work across Party lines to create common sense, effective solutions, not be bound by a rigid ideological agenda that is out of step with our Commonwealth. I look forward to working with him in the campaign and in the State Senate in the years ahead."

The selection of Donald McEachin highlights the importance of the Richmond area and Northam's dedication to issues like jobs creation, universal pre-K, and health care.

McDonnell Breaks Promises, Northam Fights for Health Care

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor denounces GOP double talk on health care

Richmond, VA - This week, PolitiFact Virginia highlighted Governor McDonnell's broken promise to increase funding to free clinics and community health centers, and chronicled his attempts to slash funding for health care facilities that many women and children depend on for basic medical care. These efforts, coupled with his support for regulations to close down health centers that provide reproductive health care services, demonstrate how vital it is for Virginia to elect leaders that understand the importance of quality health care.

"As the only Doctor in the Senate, I have fought for greater health care coverage and access to preventative and primary care to lower costs for all Virginians," said candidate for Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam. "As Lieutenant Governor, I will make health care a priority and work with Democrats, Republicans and independents to find solutions to strengthen our health care system and save taxpayers money, just like I did with Medicaid expansion this year. When it comes to health care, there is no reason for ideology to trump fact-based medicine. It's not good enough to just talk a good game on health care; our next Lieutenant Governor must be ready to get to work on day one."
Northam served 8 years as an Army doctor and is currently a pediatric neurologist at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters in Norfolk. He also teaches at Eastern Virginia Medical School and volunteers as Medical Director for the Edmarc Hospice for Children in Portsmouth. Northam led the effort in the state Senate to create a pathway to Medicaid expansion in Virginia, which would lead to health care coverage for over 400,000 Virginians.

1 Year of Bad Medicine: Intrusive, Medically Unnecessary Ultrasound Mandate Hits First Anniversary

Richmond, VA - One year ago today Virginia's controversial mandatory ultrasound law took effect. Ken Cuccinelli and his allies pushed through the divisive measure as part of their extreme social agenda. The invasive policy forces women to undergo a medically unnecessary procedure.

"Politicians should not be making personal medical decisions that are best made between a woman and her doctor.  This ultrasound law mandates an intrusive procedure that serves no medical purpose, only political ones, and ignores science to legislate what a woman should do with her body," said Ralph Northam candidate for Lt. Governor and the only doctor in the Virginia Senate. "I am running for Lt. Governor to put an end to the divisive social agenda that puts jobs and our families last.  Whether it is the personhood bill that would ban contraception or the invasive ultrasound mandate; I led the fight in the state Senate against these attacks on women's health and I will do the same as Lt. Governor."

Doctor Ralph Northam has been a leader on health care issues in the General Assembly and is the lead patron to repeal the current ultrasound law. His Republican opponent E.W. Jackson opposes all abortion rights, even in cases of rape, incest, and endangering the life of the mother, and shares the extreme social agenda of Ken Cuccinelli. NARAL Virginia and Planned Parenthood, the leading advocacy organizations for women's health, have endorsed Ralph Northam.

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